Do Dragons Exist?


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I am doing a report on dragons. I have found many things. I will say this though I believe in dragons only because I can feel it in my heart. I have done a lot of research and it has only validated my theory. We could go round and round with reasons why they are real and reasons why they aren't but you should know that it is possible. People made history by proving the impossible to be possible.
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Well, I believe in dragons. With all those paintings and stories, how was such a creature born? They were alive around the period of time the dinosoars roamed the earth, and possibly into the medevial era, which explains the knights saving their princesses from evil dragons that have trapped them in a treasure mine, and once the knight slays the dragon, the princess and the knight immediately fall in love and run off together. Those are the basic tales. But now in the 21st century, one of my friends told me that they had seen a special on dragons on Discovery Channel and a group of archeologists dug up a few dragon bones. 
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Yes they lived a long time ago
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In the folklore and legends of countries all over the world, there are tales of great and horrible dragons.
They were pictured as huge, snake-like monsters frightful to behold.
They had bulging eyes, their nostrils spouted flames,
and their roar was so great they caused the earth to tremble.
One of the most famous of these ancient dragons was the Hydra, which had nine heads! It devoured many beautiful young girls before it was slain by Hercules. Another famous dragon was the Chimera, a fire-breathing monster that met its death at the hands of a young warrior, Bellerophon, who was helped by his winged steed, Pegasus.
Many dragons were supposed to be guarding great treasures. The Golden Fleece was guarded by a dragon with a hundred eyes! In other cases, great heroes always fought battles with dragons.
Although the dragon usually represents the spirit of evil, it has also been used as a symbol of protection. The early warriors painted fierce dragons on their shields to frighten away enemies.
At one time people actually did believe that dragons existed. For example, before the time of Columbus, sailors used to be afraid to venture into unknown seas because they believed huge dragons would swallow up the ships and men.
Of course, dragons never existed except in legends, myths, and fairy tales. Then why did the belief in them arise? In prehistoric times, all kinds of huge reptiles roamed the earth. The most terrifying of these beasts, the dinosaur, lived long before man appeared on the earth. But it is possible that during the time of the cavemen some reptiles of great size still survived, and from this came the legends of the dragons.
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With the dragon popping up in all cultures, there had to be some creature to fit the pattern in by gone eras, so yes I think they did exist.
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Not the ones that breath fire and have gargantuan wings. But komodo dragons which resemble their fantasy relatives are real.
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Yes. I have a book about dragons with riddles and spells you can tell to dragons that make them do stuff. I put an amethyst outside and then I used one that summons dragons and went inside. While inside I heard many screaming birds. I believe that a dragon killed and ate them. I went back outside later and found the amethyst was gone. I think the dragon took it for his or her hord!
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Oh, god, amethyst boy, you are a nut, I have lots of amethists, they are generally referred to as purple crystals, you know CRYSTALS aka minerals, nothing magic about them

dragons are in all cultures probably because they had found bones of a dino, and when the story goes around it gets altered eventually leading into a dragon guarding treasure/princess which got killed by some guy, while it all started with, "hey I found some bones of a giant thing that looked like it could swallow a cow"
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Yes, is it not interesting that in two completely different cultures, western an orient, both have tales of dragon, even though not completely that same either.
Any way if the didn't exist in real life the still exist in people imagination and in their stories.

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