How Do I Get Rid Of Spirit In My House?


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Abi answered
You could try an exorcism...a catholic Priest...good luck
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First of all get rid of any fantasy things in your horses with wings, mermaids, you could have angels , any toys who are formed different for a humanthen when spirit is in house say this prayerdear lord I cast out any strategy from hell out of my home and demon who has authority over me I cast out..the blood that you sacrificed for me shell set me free..I for give all the people who done wrong to I forgive myself lord come into my heart live in me teach me and guide me in faith.(if you know the spirit name say there name and say) I cast out ????// out of my home forever and ever send this spirit to there home up in heaven .protect me, my home  send angels down to watch over me...the blood the blood I know you are lord I confess you are lord let angels rein all over me (if that spirit gets mad keep saying jesus is lord over and over) don't let it bother you  and be a firm believer....good luck
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The best way to do this if the spirit is not aggressive is to get either a shaman or a spiritualist, and have them cleanse the house with you. Hope this helps you out. Best of luck to you.

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