How Do I Know If A Gemini Loves Me?


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Well, the great thing about Geminis is that they are very straightforward people.

Generally if a Gemini loves you - they'll let you know! They're talkative people so they won't be shy about the subject, either!

Gemini is the third sign of the astrological zodiac. It's an extroverted sign that is ruled by the planet Mercury; its element is air and its zodiac quality is mutable - meaning changeable.

Change is probably the most important aspect of a Gemini. Depicted as "the twins", these people are known for their tendency to have two "separate" personalities. 

How to tell if a Gemini loves or likes you...
  • Geminis are known for their adaptability and versatility, which can be very helpful attributes within the context of a career or relationship.
  • They enjoy a great social life as they are naturally chatty and great communicators. At the same time, they are able to express their opinions eloquently, and have a sharp intellect.
  • People love Geminis for their youthful nature and energy.
  • On the downside, Geminis can be overly nervous and tense - something which other signs do not enjoy.
  • They can also be superficial and inconsistent - as a result of their "twin" personalities.
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If a Gemini loves you, they will say it to you or give you hints. Usually they do not express how they feel and it's rare for them to say those three words.

When they say I love you, they feel it with a passion. Just consider yourself the lucky one if they do say this to you. They will love you forever and will be loyal unless you screw it up somehow.
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Am in love with Gemini am Aquarius. Now I love him but am in love With him just not sure if love same way. He say love me but is his love same as way I love him. He say distance myself sometime.  That because I know he flirt and when leaves he always come back . I cant stay mad at him . Even when I try to run from him . He keep pushing hisself on me.  I respect his free and he respect mine. Its weird. Some one help me be sure .

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A Gemini guy is only human. So don't be afraid to ask him.

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