Is Everyone Born With A Conscious And What Does The Bible Say About Conscience?


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Well let me put it this way.
If you study cultures that are primitive, "distant, not affected by technology or modern theology."
Study people who have never heard of God, people who never been taught good or bad.
Never been taught right or wrong. You will find they still know its wrong to kill,
they still know its wrong to sleep with your neighbors wife, they know its wrong to steal.
The bible has many verses on this issue but I will just give one of them for you to chew on.
Hebrewsr 8:10 " I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts;"
Before Jesus went back to heaven, He said He would send us the Spirit of truth, the helper.
Boy did He deliver in the book of Acts when the Holy Spirit entered,
the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God which teaches us right from wrong.
Do we all have a conscience yes, but we also have free will.
The ability to choose and pick life or death, God or the world, right or wrong.
Unfortunately some souls do not choose Jesus, and  come judgment day will see hell.

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