How Was God Created?


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Once upon a time a long, long, long time ago one, or a few carbon based life forms (us) decided that there needed to be some kind of "bigger than life as we know it" thing to keep everyone in check. 
Wow it sure has worked wonders huh?
No war without politics, no politics without religion. What a wonderfully peaceful, caring world we live in. Isn't it great?
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Your question asks how God was created and not how a god was created. So by definition God is the creator and governor of the universe. If that's the case then the mere idea that God had a creator is absurd and impossible. In order for God to be a created being He has to be finite - He has a beginning. It logically follows that something greater that God created Him. That of course begs the question "How was God's creator created?" and then "How was God's creator's creator created. And on into infinity. Which is impossible. Anything finite necessities a creator. There cannot be an infinite number of creators because that doesn't allow for an ultimate creator of the infinite "amount" of creators. I can guarantee that when you die and meet your creator God and stand there with your arms crossed in your arrogance - it's pure ego and arrogance to think you can even pose the question to Him - and say "Ah, excuse me but where did you come from?" that He will dignify that arrogant and empty question with an answer. He's God and you're not - not even close. How can we with our finite and limited access to the pure essence of God begin to understand the infinite. What we know of God's essence and attributes is so much less than the tip of the iceberg. It is wise of us all to step back from impossible and meaningless questions and return to the basics - "What do I need to do to be right when I meet Him" - regardless of whether or not He was created.
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Ok here is my take on things. In another far out universe that is way bigger than us, there are people just like us (just bigger like I said). Now in this world there is a man. He must be a pretty twisted man with our history. Because when he was born, the big bang happen. He has one of the strongest imaginations ever. But what happens to all of that imagination? Our world feeds on it and makes history. One minute in his world, equals like 100 in ours. All of our imagination creates worlds we are all gods. We just don't have the abilities in our world as the guy imagining our world. And the thing where god looks at our history and sees if we should live, he will be about to die and his life is flashing before his eyes
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Really no one can answer the question they say god has no beginning and he has no end.
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Well in the bible it says stay away from unanswered questions and all of your questions will be answered when you are in heaven, so were did God come from? Do your job on earth and you will find out later I guess.
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This doesn't answer the question but God is real I believe in him no matter what and if you don't good luck in hell.
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Well in order for God to be created that means he needs to be how can the being who created time be effected by it? Logic guys, and how can someone not believe, when you see a painting, what was there, an artist, when you see a sculpture, what was there, a sculptor, when you see all the things that are more beautiful than anything that an artist can make, what was there an Artist. A.k.a GOD!!!!!!
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First of all there's no god ;P There's science! Although I respect ppl who believe in him!

Technically it's impossible for us to exist, because there had to be some stuff in the beginning of time and how was that created? And how was the creator of that created? We can go on to an eternity and that's 100% impossible!.... Blah bla bla, this gives me a hedache
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You are close. Sience states that matter cannot be created or destroyed. Only changed. If you burn a piece of paper you still get ash and smoke. But the matter is still there. You cannot take nothing and make something with it. But, the matter is here. It couldn't have always been here. Some how it was created. Thats where you have to believe there is something better than man itself. And not only a little better. Enough to create planets, suns, and an entire space of planets and galaxys.
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How did God come about? As you can see there are some who do not believe in God. They believe that everthing in the universe just happend by random chance. They have the right to believe and express their ideas the same as anyone else. I realize that religion and God are volatile subjects and can easily turn into an argument. I don't want to argue but I must disagree with those who do not believe in God. I think that with our intelect it is hard to imagine a person who was not created, someone who was always there with no begining. Our minds simply cannot comprehend such a person. Logic tells us that there cannot be a person like that. However we must admit that something or someone started this whole universe. Even if you believe random chance started it, we still have to ask were the stuff that makes our universe come from. We know that nothing can come from nothing. You must have something to start with. If you believe random chance started it all, the question is still "Where did random chance get all the matter it took to make the universe"? "What made the stuff that made the stuff  that make up the universe"? And so on and on. If you believe in an intelligent designer, (lets call him God ) we then must ask "Who created him"? And who created the one who created God? And who created him, and on and on. Logic tells us it had to start somewhere. Question: If you were walking through the forest and found a beautiful house, stocked with all kinds of food and clean drinking water. Would you say that it got there buy random chance? Or would you rather say "I wonder who made this house"? That is what has happend with the earth. Out if all the universe( the forest) the earth (the house) stands out. It is completly stocked with all kinds of food and drink (thanks to man there is less and less). Why do we say it all came from nothing? Just as the house in the forest was made so our planet was made to fill the needs of humans. When we see a camera, a radio, or a computer, we readily acknowledge that it must have been produced by an intelligent designer. Would it be reasonable, then, to say that far more complex things—the eye, the ear, and the human brain—did not originate with an intelligent Designer? No one can point to a certain moment as the beginning of time. Even though our lives end, time does not. We do not reject the idea of time because there are aspects of it that we do not fully comprehend. Rather, we regulate our lives by it.  Astronomers find no beginning or end to space. The farther they probe into the universe, the more there is. They do not reject what the evidence shows; many refer to space as being infinite. The same principle applies to the existence of God. Astronomers tell us that the sun at its core is 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Do we reject that idea because we cannot fully comprehend such intense heat? Science tells us our MilkyWay is so great that a beam of light traveling at over 186,000 miles per second  would require 100,000 years to cross it. Do our minds really comprehend such a distance? Yet we accept it because scientific evidence supports it.  God alwas was and will always be. He has no begining and will have no end. Just because we don't understand how something happened does not mean it isn't true. Which is more reasonable—that the universe is the product of a living, intelligent Creator? Or that it must have arisen simply by chance from a nonliving source without intelligent direction? Some persons adopt the latter viewpoint because to believe otherwise would mean that they would have to acknowledge the existence of a Creator whose qualities they cannot fully comprehend. It  is well known that scientists do not fully comprehend the functioning of the genes that are within living cells and that determine how these cells will grow. Nor do they fully understand the functioning of the human brain, yet who would deny that these exist? Should we really expect to understand everything about a Person who is so great that he could bring into existence the universe, with all its intricate design and stupendous size? The following verses from the Bible I believe are true. In the end each of us must decide what the truth is.

Ps. 19:1: “The heavens are declaring the glory of God; and of the work of his hands the expanse is telling.”

Ps. 104:24: “How many your works are, O Jehovah! All of them in wisdom you have made. The earth is full of your productions.”

Rom. 1:20: “His invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made.” 

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I have major doubts about god I believe yet I don't, like how does someone not have a beginning.?
Who created god how was he just here from the beginning I wish there was a god.
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Earth was created by science. God was created when there was no one to guide us humans. It's belief that keeps God alive, when no one believes in him, he will die.
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I believe that originally the first thing ever created... Before our universe, before anything was a simple thought, perhaps a question. But that thought caused another thought and it kept growing into a consciousness. This consciousness grew so strong that it could create universes with laws, worlds, sciences, math  and even separate consciousness within his own reality / or realities. I believe we are living within gods mind, and that we also have the power... Maybe after this life to create our own realities within our own consciousness. I believe that split personalities is evidence of this, A conscious being creating another conscious being within it self. If this is true then the possibilities truly are endless. I am a christian but this how I believe everything for us was created.
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To all those who think God was not created,not real,and the Universe was created with science. Who do you think made science? Who do you think created the Big Bang? Who created molecules? My answer,is common sense. The answer to this question is,"Everyone had a beginning,not God. God was the beginning himself. Who is God? God is the beginning,your creator. Common sense is better than science,but,God is better than everything." God is the beginning himself.
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It was a miracle.he just suddenly was the most magical moment in history.just ask him when you're dead or when you're praying.
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Humans couldn't figure things out yet, their cognitive abilities weren't fully developed yet so when things happened that they couldn't explain that frightened them, filled them with awe, made them extremely happy, whatever, they made up stories that eventually became gods. Yep, god isn't real. Well, except for mine, the chimp god. He's real. ;) lol!
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  the same way the bible says god created earth, some dude said "let there be god" and there was god and he saw that it gave him power and he was well pleased so then he made rules to worship this god. Blah blah blah.

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