Why Does Nwoye Convert To Christianity?


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His father had too high expectations of him thus when after trying to please his father for so long, he finally gave up when Ikemefuna was killed. He thus probably felt betrayed by his father who killed his best friend. As he did not try to live up to his dad's expectations, Okonkwo gave up on him feeling he bears Unoka's feminine characteristics. Nwoye thus does not feel loved or accepted thus turning to the "white men" who warmly welcomed him.
Another factor was that he questioned the practices of Umuofia like the abandoning of twins and killing of Ikemefuna. He thus felt he had found the solution by turning to Christianity
And finally caused he liked to poetry and rhyme in Christianity even though he did not truely understand the meaning.
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Possibly due to a significant lack of the ability to think.

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