Where Is Christianity Found?


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They day when Jesus born is where started, the Christianity grew and still growing where he was crucified.
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All over the world. Nearly in evry single country
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It was founded in Antioch, but it is regrettably found everywhere.
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Christianity was found in the city of Antioch. It is found in Acts 11:26
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Christianity was started with the Saving of this world through the shedding of the Christ's innocent blood. He had loyal disciples who he placed a mantle on to continue what was taught and glorified by God. The first Christians were in Antioch in the Book of Acts. Hey, and just to let you know, don't get caught up in religion, as it is just a melting pot for many people to stay confused as to what God truly desired and thats for His people to stand out and be divided from the world. Christianity is NOT a religion, but a lifestyle. Basically, its Holiness and that is being set apart from, cleaned and pure. Its the desire to live for God and face the adversities of this corrupted world. Many minds are depraved as to what God wants but its so simple: Present yourselves a living sacrifice unto God, holy and acceptable. Its more than just doing good works, but developing a relationship with our God. Shalom(Peace).
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            Christianity was created by MAN over 300 years after the supposed Jesus walked the earth. Emperor Constantine mandated christianity at the Council of Nicea in 325, in order to gain political power and ease a dissenting nation. He also decided on the gospels that were to become the New Testament, while branding the others heretical, and their owners(gnostic christians) were hunted and killed. None of the Gospels were written by their namesake authors, proven by the discovery and cross-referencing of the Gospel of Judas(as well as other Gnostic gospels). 

           The origins of christianity are so easily overlooked, or not known at all, by most christians. It is additional proof that man created god, god didn't create man. "God" was used to explain the unexplainable in a time where modern science did not exist. The christian belief system is outdated and belongs in the past, along with the thousands of other gods that have died out over time. 

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Christianity is the world's leading religion, with its number of followers coming up to a figure of roughly 2.1 billion, as per the year 2001. It is the major religion in regions like Europe, The Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, Oceania etc. It is quickly gaining momentum in the continent of Asia as well, mainly in countries like China and South Korea.

Presently the United States of America ranks first in the number of Christian missionaries on the planet, with South Korea coming in at second place.
Christianity itself is divided into three main groups, given as follows:

Roman Catholicism – baptised adherents total up to a figure of over one billion
Eastern Christianity – baptised adherents total up to a figure of over 300 million
Protestantism – total number of adherents is not available, however it is considered to be the second largest branch after Roman Catholicism.
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It was founded when Jesus was born, and when everyone started praising him, and when people started writing the story of Jesus Christ (the Bible) this was the start of Christianity.

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