Why Is Epiphany Important To Christians?


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There is much to say about this but I'll try to keep it brief.  "Epiphany" translates as "manifestation" or "revelation."  When Jesus was first born, it was Jewish people--humble shepherds--who first saw Him.  But Epiphany signifies that those of other cultures and religions also paid him homage,  It is analogous to the fact that His birth, life, and death are for all people, not a chosen few.   It is not ironic that three kings visited a babe in a manger--it also foreshadowed the fact that Jesus Christ is the King of Kings!  The Bible clearly states that, one day, every knee will bow to Him.  Moreover, some people feel the gifts they brought were symbolic of his life to come (for example, myrrh was an herb used to embalm) and others believe they had a more concrete purpose--that Blessed Mother and Joseph sold the gold and gifts for the money they needed for their flight to Egypt to escape Herod.  This was a great question!

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