Why Am I Dreaming Of Cheating On My Boyfriend?


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Without knowing your relationship history, it’s hard to say exactly what could be causing the dream! Here are a few of my best guesses:

You’ve Cheated On Him Before
You could be dreaming about cheating on your boyfriend because you’re feeling guilty about past infidelities. If you’ve cheated on your boyfriend and he doesn’t know, I think you need to tell him. It might not bode well for your relationship, but it should stop the dreams – and you owe him the truth, anyway.

You Feel Guilty About Something Else
You might not have even cheated on your boyfriend – maybe you’re just feeling bad about how you’ve treated him, or about something you said. Either way, there’s a good chance that you feel bad about something you’ve done to him.

If you want to ensure that the dream won’t repeat itself, you need to talk to your boyfriend about whatever’s on your conscience.

You Like Someone Else
Who was it that you cheated on your boyfriend with? If it was Johnny Depp, I wouldn’t feel too bad - you can still love your boyfriend and have a crush on a celebrity!

However, it gets a bit more complicated if you’re dreaming about cheating on your boyfriend with someone you know. If you have feelings for someone else, you’re probably aware of it. Either cut this person from your life or break up with your boyfriend – balancing affection for two people is likely to get messy, so stop before it gets to that stage!
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Dreams are your brain's way of doing its nightly exercises. Your brain makes up stories formed from your memories. You can think of it as watching a memory, but just remember that it has absolutely nothing to do with your waking life.

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