What Does It Mean If I'm Dreaming Of My Dead Ex-Boyfriend?


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A lot of the time, we use our dreams to process things that we find difficult to deal with in real life. If you look at it this way, dreaming about your dead ex-boyfriend is part of the grieving process.

The dreams are both natural and to be expected, but if they’re causing you to lose sleep, there’s nothing wrong with wanting them to stop - don't worry about betraying his memory, because you're not.

Why Am I Having These Dreams, And What Should I Do About Them?
If you two were still together before he died, you might want to consider getting bereavement counselling to help you come to terms with losing him.

Even if you’d already broken up, being upset is still perfectly natural – you’ve shared closeness and intimacy with this person, and even if you’re not together anymore, it’s likely he still meant something to you.

If you don’t want to have bereavement counselling, then maybe getting some sleeping pills from your doctor would be a good idea. Your doctor might be able to prescribe you something for a good-quality, dreamless sleep – just as a temporary measure.

Alternatively, you could just try to deal with the dreams. They don’t mean anything, and they’re perfectly normal – they just might be a little distressing.

Hope this helps, and sorry for your loss.

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