Is The Ouija Board Always Right When It Answers A Question?


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I don't think that you should be playing with it like that. There are doors that can be opened through the use of it, and you really want to know what you are doing when you use one. It is known to be deceptive, and leaves you hanging so that you want to come back to it again and again, then when you are at a vulnerable moment it will use that to get through to our time and space. I would leave it alone from now on, unless you are with someone who knows how to use them properly. Hope this helps, good luck.
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David Waters answered
Of course not, No one can tell the future because if they could time would have to keep on living so I would be typing this pointless message for eternity somewhere and if that was the case which is an awful thought and it would also mean that we have no free will and that everything is pre-ordained. Get the boat, says I.
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Mark Westbrook answered
As far as the ouija board is concerned the answer is yes. It all depends how you phrase the question and of course how you choose to interpret the answer. It could be that you will meet someone who is a stranger to you, or acts in a strange manner both of which could be interpreted as 'alien'.
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No, I don't think the answers you get on a ouija board are reliable. From what I understand you are communicating with a spirit or possibly a demon. If its a spirit it is just a person who is no longer living- So if that person was a lier in the life I think they would continue to lie in the afterlife. If you communicate with a demon they will lie and deceive you. You should be careful if you use a ouija board, you might just open the door to something bigger and badder than you expected.
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Well, frankly speaking Ouija Board is one of the most unreliable source for getting answers about your future. The logic is simple it is man made and completely dependent on the users.
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No it is not, the spirits that take over the board many times are just trying to lure you into a trap where they can inter or use you for their own purposes
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Dave Holt answered
Beware of the Ouiga board it can open a door to unwanted things that go bump in the night
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For one reason or another, your response made me smile. XD Things that go 'bump in the night'... Reminds me of Goosebumps from when I was a little girl!
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No you never know which spirit is going to come threw the prt hole.and they might give ybad info.Expecially if they are a bad spirit they will mess with you.

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