What Is A Quija Board?


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A ouija board is a tool made by Satan for people to open his door to this world.
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A Quija Board is a tool that is usually used by mediums for the purpose of communicating with the world beyond dead. This tool is made up of a large smooth board of size approximately 22 inches by 15 inches along with a three legged triangular shape or heart shaped gadget or pointer known as a planchette. The planchette can be moved freely along the edges and surfaces of the board. The board contains alphabets at the bottom, whereas the words 'YES' and 'NO' at the top. In some boards, the words 'GOOD BYE' and 'MAYBE' can be added at the extreme bottom as well. During a session, known as séance, the medium puts his or her finger on the planchette and it is assumed that the soul provides the required energy to move the planchette to find out the required details.

The Quiza Board was originally invented as an instrument for a parlour game and it was invented by E. C. Reiche, Elijah Bond, and Charles Kennard who declared that the name 'Quija' was coined from the ancient Egyptian word implying 'good luck'.
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Ouiji Boards are dangerous. You are not communicating with the dead but with a demon. And you open yourself to come into you.
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Quija boards are not dangerous they are a tool used to help oyu find the true meaning of why the spirit is in your presents.
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Well. I've already seen the effects of ouiji boards. It may or not be immediate. In fact it could be years. So, when you start having nightmares, or hearing tormenting voices/thoughts, have fear or panic attacks, health and/or finances becomes terrible, etc. Look me up so i can get help to you - from someone who cares.
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Re: Being a tool used to help oyu find the true meaning of why the spirit is in your presents... Remember that the devil's title is 'father of lies' - he is very slick and deceitful - and he can very well impersonate others who have past on [even knowing all kinds of specific details] - the presence is there to deceive

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