What Does It Mean To Dream About Bugs In Your Hair?


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Having a dream about having bugs in your hair could suggest that you're feeling anxious about your sexuality or appearance.

In order to understand what your dream might mean, you need to take a look at each part separately. If you dream of hair, this is supposed to represent sensuality, sexuality and vanity. Bug dreams, however, are meant to symbolize anxiety and fear.

If you combine these two interpretations, you might come to the conclusion that the bugs in your hair represent feelings of anxiety regarding your sexuality or appearance.

Other Interpretations

  • Sometimes, sensations from the real world will make their way into our dreams. If your head was itching while you were asleep, it's possible that your brain incorporated this into your dream in the form of bugs crawling in your hair.
  • Having bugs in your hair would feel pretty uncomfortable and unpleasant; maybe they represent nothing more than a feeling of uneasiness.
  • Did you come across anything related to bugs or hair that day? Maybe bugs on TV, or a friend mentioning getting their hair cut. This could be enough to trigger a bug and hair related dream.
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Hair is something that grows out of our heads. Hence it means thoughts in a dream. Your dream shows you are bored.

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