Is Usher A Christian?


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Yes he is. In the thank you's in the album booklets he thanks God first and talks about how blessed he is
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I think the song "Without You" by Usher is about God, personally... I don't know if he is a christian though
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Yep he is
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Since an usher is a functionary in a Christian Church, I certainly hope so!
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I don't know- that would be cool though wouldnt it. But if he was a christian than he would more than likely use his talents that God give to him to glorify God- at least a couple songs in Jesus' name.
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I think he is a Christian because when he sing you an feel the love and emotions form his music, like in the video moving mountains as he climb that mountain and fellowly reach the top he get on his knee and pray after the fact that the girl turn away from him. 

His music may not be about god, but i know if you really listen and feel what he is saying in his music you can found god. That what i feel when i here the song without you, like many of his songs.

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