What Is A Christian?


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The word Christian comes from the word "Christ", who believes in Him is called Christian, He is the God who created the world and us (human beings, & all kinds of animals in this world).
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Anyone who admits to God that they are a sinner-someone who does bad
things that make him sad, believe that Jesus Christ is God, that he
died on the cross to say us from the penalty-punishment of sin in hell
-place of darkness, never quenched fire, place of torment-that he was
buried,and that he rose from the dead, confess thier sin to him-tells
God they are sorry for whatever they have done wrong, and prays-asks
him to come into their heart and save them from their sin.
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Usually some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet :(
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Disciple of Jesus
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A naive and gullible person, considering that Jesus was not crucified, he was stoned to death by his own people, and there no contemporaneous reports of any miraculous rising from the dead.

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