How Do I Impress An Aries Guy?


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Maud La Roux answered
This one is nice and easy. I've snared myself dozens of Aries men over the years, and I've learnt there is only one thing you need to do - play hard-to-get!

The Aries man loves chasing a woman he wants, so don't give it all away up-front! Make him sweat a while, and he'll soon be mesmerized by you.

The ram's element is fire, so he'll love the adventure involved with chasing his girl. The positivity of his sign means you'll have a great deal of fun too.

How to impress an Aries man...
  • It takes a lot of work to keep an Aries man satisfied in the bedroom - trust me! These passoniate fellows are second only to Taureans between the sheets.
  • Aries men are passionate, impulsive and confident. They have the potential to be controlling, so don't be afraid to say "no" once in a while - it will only make him more excited for the next encounter.
  • Your relationship will have to be feisty if you want him to stay by your side. The Aries man's sense of adventure means you'll have a hard job keeping up with him, but if you do, you'll be handsomely rewarded!
  • Don't forgot to play hard to get!
Good luck!
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It's simple. Wear clothes which he likes on you, just be free and concentrate on your body language. Talk to him and never let him be alone and feel bored. Entertain him how much ever you can, show him your talents, he'll surely be impressed.

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