How Do You Know When A Teenage Aries Boy Is Interested In A Teenage Sagittarius Girl?


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Ashley Pham answered
If he has tried talking to you, or making contact in anyway. And how he talks to you, if he treats you differently.
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Nadine Johnson answered
Aries and Sagittarius should be a perfect match seeing as they are both the Fire element.

Teenage Aries male  
  • Do you have some disagreements? This is natural, fire signs have the tendency to want to be the last one to say something, and are often quite stubborn.
  • Obviously, its hard to tell when someone likes you if they are a little shy, so look for the obvious signs. I.e looking at you from the other side of the room, or smiling constantly at you, laughing at all your jokes etc.
  • Fire signs are a little self centered (no offence) so ask him what his interests are, even if your not interested. It will make him feel special, and would probably enhance the chances of him liking you... If it is you your asking for. Hope this helps!! X

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