What Is The Best Match For A Libra Female?


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The best matches for Libra women are as follows: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Libra women may also be good with: Another Libra and Aries.

Libra women are not normally thought to be compatible with: Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer and Virgo.

What are the best matches for Libra women?
  • Libra-Gemini: These two will find that conversation flows easily. They both appreciate the finer things in life, and will have very similar hobbies and interests. Libra and Gemini love mental stimulation, and they can each find this in the mind of their partner. A Gemini man would make a very good match for a Libra woman.
  • Libra-Leo: The diplomacy of the Libra is a great complement to the lavish and fiery temperament of the Leo. These two will each find in the other a partner who they can learn a lot from, and this will serve their relationship well.
  • Libra-Sagittarius: These two share a great sense of adventure and a passion for social events. The Libra loves to be in a relationship, but is also intuitive enough to let the Sagittarius have the space and freedom they crave. This pair will share plenty of good times together.
  • Libra-Aquarius: Libra and Aquarius share a common appreciation of love. They both revel in the relationship and will do anything to keep it alive. This match will be very romantic, smooth and easy-going, which will suit both of them.
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Gemini or Aquarius.

You may be attracted to an Aries but do not go for one. They are your exact opposite. Although they say opposites attract, this isn't the kind of one you want. Aqaurius will give you a love match that is a friendship love. It will last for a long time and you don't have to change yourself to be fit for one. Just be yourself.

Also, give the Aquarius some space. If you two are going out, he might want a little while for himself to balance out. But Aquarians are honest, and they aren't known for cheating, so as soon as theyve had their space they will come back and all will be good.

Then there is Gemini. I don't know much on Gemini, really. Just that they have sex a lot. I don't think you want that. A stable love match with sex every once in a while is good, but building your relationship on that, isn't.

Go for an Aquarius.
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The best match for a Libra woman is an Aries man. Libra just loves to love and Aries is a passionate lover, so they both will make fireworks in the relationship. But at times they can have their share of fights, but the love and passion runs deep and strong and overcomes all differences. They are a perfect match for each other.
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Cancer. Believe me, I'm a Libra also. A word of advice, stay away from Aries big time - they're no good for us.
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Leo in my opinion is very good for Libra, especially Libra men and Leo women make a great couple. Altough they are different in nature, yet their natures merge together really well.
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I am a Libra and I do a lot of reading on the signs,
  • Aries: As long as they can accept each other's differences then all is well.
  • Taurus: These two disagree on everything but once they can figure out how to work it out where both are happy this could be perfect balance for the scales.
  • Gemini: This couple seems made for each other if they achieve a balance between togetherness and freedom, they can have the best of both worlds and the companionship of a true soulmate.
  • Cancer: Mistrust might keep these two apart but they can work together.
  • Leo: One of the best possible partners.
  • Virgo: If willing to compromise this could lead to a dynamic and satisfying relationship.
  • Libra: These two are better as friends.
  • Scorpio: Possessive, but could have a long-running relationship.
  • Sagittarius: Libra's heart will believe this sign is one worth waiting for, but the freedom-loving archer keeps the scales waiting a long time. May be perfect for the restless archer.
  • Capricorns: These two clash a lot. If they can get past emotional and power issues, though, they make an excellent team.
  • Aquarius: These two will have a lot of breaking up and getting back together issues. Libra likes a calm relationship but Aquarius likes to churn up a storm - better as friends.
  • Pisces: Without some outside force to bring them together, these two would pass each other by, so blind dates usually bring them together. Made for each other once they meet, I believe they are soul-mates.

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