How Do Scorpios Feel About Aries?


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Scorpions feel that Arians are a little bit too emotional!

The fire of the Aries, combined with the water of the Scorpio doesn't always work out.

How do Scorpios feel about Aries?
  • Scorpios can understand the passion and possessiveness of the Arians.
  • A Scorpio cherishes relationships passionately, and appreciates the like-minded quality in an Arian.
  • Scorpios love the way an Arian expresses their feelings, but they can - at times - be irritated by the lack of control that Aries people have in managing their emotions.
  • A Scorpio knows how to hide their emotional side, whereas the Aries is more open.
  • Both are romantic and spontaneous to the core.
  • An Arian forgives and trusts again, but for a Scorpio, it's a case of forgive but never forget.
  • Both Arians and Scorpios get jealous easily. Scorpios like to get their revenge over time and do not like an Arian's way of settling scores impulsively.
Scorpios and Arians are believed to be under the influence of Mars, which is known as the power of energy.

Both signs are warriors at heart. However, if an Arian is a soldier, a Scorpion is a strategist. If an Arian is a law-enforcement officer, the Scorpion is the detective!

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