What Does Islam Say About Eunuchs?


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Eunuchs are not specifically mentioned in the Koran (Islam's holy book).

However, most Islamic scholars agree that eunuchs should be treated as the gender the eunuchs themselves identify with most closely.

Eunuchs and Islam
Whilst this might seem like a rather unusual question, there are various interesting points to be made:

Firstly, eunuchs can still be found in predominantly Muslim parts of the world like Pakistan.
In these countries, they're often treated like inferior beings, and are forced into a life of prostitution and crime in order to survive.

In this context, Islamic teachings would be against this discrimination - especially considering that many people are born eunuchs, due to genetic abnormalities.

The second point to consider is that, historically, eunuchs played a role in pretty much every society throughout the ages: From the Persian empire to the Korean dynasties.
Eunuchs and 'castratos' were often assigned specific tasks due to their ambiguous sexual identity - it is even thought that eunuchs existed during the Islamic empire.
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Specific directives regarding eunuchs have not been covered in the Islamic Shari‘ah.

I believe this life is all just a test for the hereafter, so the harder the test, the greater the reward.

We just have to accept whatever the Creator is giving us because surely He is never unjust to all His creations.

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