Is A Capricorn Woman And A Cancer Man A Good Match?


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A Capricorn woman and a Cancer man are perfect opposites! These signs will have a few differences but ones which they will both find fascinating, and luckily for them there will always be a strong sense of attraction (opposites attract!).

Cancer man and Capricorn woman
  • The Cancer man is excellent at making the Capricorn woman feel secure and loved. He always respects her individuality and his positive attitude and calm mind set is soothing to the more erratic behaviour of the Capricorn woman.
  • The Earth of Capricorn and the Water of Cancer means both partners in this relationship will enjoy mutual love and trust. The Capricorn woman's sensitivity is enhanced by the Cancer man's tenderness.
  • The match of the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman results in a very close physical and emotional relationship. Their place on the Zodiac as opposities helps to enrich their already strong sense of attraction which can make their time spent between the sheets very harmonious and intimate indeed!
  • Understanding the problems that could occur in this partnership helps both the Capricorn woman and Cancer man grow as characters. This process will be beneficial to the relationship and will provide firm foundations for their love to blossom.
These signs are the perfect opposite of each other and have the potential to be a great match. Trust me, you will not be disappointed at being involved with your opposing sign, they are literally the Yin to your Yang!
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Yes. I am a Capricorn woman.

Capricorn and Cancer
  • Capricorn and Cancer are very compatible each other in real world.
  • Somehow Cancer loves Capricorn's ambition and work ethic.
  • Capricorn feels great about Cancer's nurture.
They both are good communicators and they are very traditional and homely.
Both should make for a very long lasting relationship!
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Yes - perfect match

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