What Is The Different Muslim & Christian Religions? Who Wrote The Bible & Kuran & When?


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There are differences and similarities between both the Muslim and Christian faiths, but it is sometimes easier for believers of these two faiths to concentrate on the differences.
The fundamental similarity between the faiths is the belief in one true God/Allah. God is the Christian view, Allah is the Muslim view, but there is no evidence to suggest that these are different. So in essence both faiths believe in one true Spiritual Being, but refer to this being by different names.
The difference between the two faiths is that the Islamic faith concentrates on the teachings and words contained in the Qur'an (Kuran) and the Christians believe in the Bible.
The Qur'an is thought to have been written circa AD 646-656 whereas the Bible was started by Moses somewhere around 1400 years before the birth of Christ.
The Qur'an was scribed by the followers of Mohammed who had been told the word of God by the divine angel Gabriel. The Bible was written by a number of sources, often named as 'books' of the Bible, for example, Jonah wrote the book of Jonah etc. The New Testament was mainly written by the disciples who followed Jesus in his lifetime.
Both books are regarded by the individual faiths as being the direct teachings and words of God/Allah.
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Um muslims especially the ones in the black community believe that the word has been tampered with and that it is their job to make sure they tell it the right way because blacks are cheated out of true history the believe there is only one GOD whose name is Allah and his messenger is Mohammad and thats how it goes...

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