If Islam Is Quickly Becoming The World's Most Popular Religion, Does That Mean That Christianity Is Not Real? Or Does It Mean That God Is Failing Because The Number Of Christian Believers Is Dramatically Decreasing?


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Ideas rise and fall with time. Islam just happens to have a lot of momentum right now. So does christianity, but not nearly as much. I don't think there is such a thing as a true religion. I mean, to me, the flying spaghetti monster is about as realistic as zeus or loki. They are manifestations of organized religions. Every religion tries to say basically them same thing. So pick your superstition and go with it! Just try to get something that has values you agree with.
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I believe in God and worship in  my own way. You do not need a church or a denomination or $ to worship God or Jesus! If the Muslim faith seems to becoming stronger it is because God willed it for He knows all , Sees all etc. I am sure there is some reason in why He is doing this , but what it might be is beyond my understanding. So keep trying' to Jesus and The Almighty and the Holy Spirit and He will steer you in the direction He has planned for you . I assure you if you have any faith at all you will see it is not "crap".
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Religion is sent down to earth..
at the time where mankind starts to go haywire..
and do weird stuff which is absurd to us who are civilized.....

if you see all the religion without an influence of your personal believe...you can see that>>>

Islam accepts Jesus, Abraham, Moses and Adam and Eve( just the stories differ, for them is Adam and Hawa.... You pronounce it as Aa-daam/ Haa-waa)

but what came before doesn't..

Christian accept that there was Abraham, Moses and Adam and Eve..

but what came before it doesn't....

do you get the cycle???

I am just mentioning the four religion here... But there are more... And you can see the similarity of them in the concept of the religion, but not in their believes and tradition....

Just because Islam is growing doesn't mean Christian is failing...
God has shown the way  to understand him better through religion...
but there are still those who dont GET this...
the arrogance of being in a certain religion will be the destruction of the religion...
no matter how high or how wide it spreads......

The true religion in my opinion is YOUR PERSONAL BELIEVE OF GOD....
dont just come up with a religion yourself....LOL
but look at the world and listen to those religious talk of many religion....
i am sure your heart will tell you which one it is... Mine DID.... But i am a borne Hindu...
but when I open my mouth, alot of people.. Okay, almost all, judge me for a christian and Muslim......LOL
my concept of God reaches people even though I have not announce it....

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martha commented
God is Pure and Holy,and cannot look at sin! But He knew mankind would sin, and thus be seperated from Him, so He had to have a way to bridge that gap between Himself and man. That bridge is His Son Jesus (Jesus is God Incarnate) Jesus was born like any other baby except His Father is God, Jesus lived here on earth for 33 yrs, telling the Gospel to anyone who'd listen. Then He was crucified, buried and rose to eternal life in 3 days! He conquered sin, death and hell with His Own Death
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And resurrection. Jesus is our liason- our only way to God, as John 14:6 says. Jesus is the only Way to know God- because He Is God! The Book of Hebrews in chapter 11 tells us that we must have faith in God to please Him, and tells us what faith really is. The Holy Spirit comes into the 'heart' of a person when they get 'saved' and He helps them in their new faith. All this may sound real confusing, that is ok.
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The process of salvation is simple- God made it that way so even a child could understand it- but we are the ones who try to make it more complicated! Just like I said before, one needs to confess sin, ask God's forgiveness, and ask Jesus to save him, and come into his heart and life forever. A sincere heart and prayer of salvation is NEVER ignored by God. He really loves you- and Jesus died just for you as if you were the only person ever to live. Drop me another comment soon- ok? Love ya!
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1st of all, GOD CANNOT FAIL!  We are failing to do our job of reaching the millions of lost people for Christ.  But Christianity is actually on the rise- all over the world.  Millions are coming to Him for salvation in countries we never hear much of, as well as the USA.  There will be a great "Soul harvest" soon- where more people will be saved than ever, this will help to usher end the 2nd coming of Christ.
It seems bad, and Islam is on the rise.  But my God is bigger than any religion, and He is still on His throne.  He will not be defeated-ever.
So Christianity- following Jesus Christ only- is the only way to God- the only way to live.  It is not a religion- it is a relationship.  Follow Jesus- He will NEVER let you down.
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Joseph schumacher
Your answer concerns me "it seems bad, and islam is on the rise" and "He will not be defeated-ever." do you consider that you are in some kind of war? Why would it concern you that others have different beliefs? All this; "my god is better than your god" nonsense is the reason so many wars are fought in the name of god, it really is a very dangerous and ignorant attitude to hold
martha commented
The point you just made proves that we are in a spiritual battle here, but Jesus has already won the war! And I CAN say my God is best because He Is- He Is the Only True God, and no other god can ever match Him. I am not ignorant, I know the truth- Jesus is the King of Kings and the Only True God. Any other belief or religion is a false one, and THAT is the dangerous thing.
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Listen to logic101!
Islam, Jewish, and Christianity ALL believe in the GOD of Abraham in the VERY FRONT of YOUR Bible!
We are all brothers!
The troubles stem from there, CUZ!

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Glen Thornbury
Glen Thornbury commented
Then you know more that the seen of the tree that grew into all three faiths, and are brainwashed, for abraham and his one god is the seed of all three!!!!!! Read the first three pages!!!
martha commented
I am not following what you are saying here. But I have read the Bible alot! I have studied it and even taught it. Please clarify your point here. But Christianity and Islam cannot mix, neither can Islam and Judaism.
you can call me WOLF
Good answer! I believe that also, but think that we shouldn't get along just because of Abraham. I think that all gods are just God by a different name, even if there are multiple gods, He is the manifestation of them all. God, Krishna, Allah, and all the other Gods probably just want us to live in peace and harmony.

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This world is full of different people with different minds and a different way of thinking. And it's full of religions too. So each one of us believes in a religion in his own way and says it's the true religion. And if the number of Christians is decreasing, then that doesn't mean that Christianity is fake! WHo knows?!
In my opinion, if the number of Muslims is increasing, then that means that people are thinking about religion! They're thinking about which is the right religion? Why am I for example a Muslim and not a Christian? Why do I worship God? I mean really that shows that people are really serious about that!
So, we can't give an answer to 'what is the true religion'. EVeryone sees his religion is the true one. It's just like that.
By the way, some people worships cows, trees, statues, etc. And they think that they're right! Strange world!
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amala commented
Your right but I would like to add thing based on what I understand...

In Hinduism you are not to eat Cow...
Not because it is God, but it is respected by the creator,
because it gives birth like a human do.. They care for their young like humans do...
They are respected, there maybe other reasons behind worship...
A overly respecting action that is misinterpreted by the younger generation are some of the reasons...
Charming Gurl
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That's a new information! Thanks.
amala commented
No probs i will help others to understand what i know and understand....
In another words i share stuff i know.....LOL
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God is real no matter what religion you have or how you worship him. It seems that a lot of people have forgotten what Christianity is all about... Christians are suppose to strive to be more like God and instead they judge others and force the bible on others.... The bad thing is that most who push the bible on others are not fallowing it's word themselves and have no business teaching others. I know that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God, but lets be realistic... I don't want to hear the word of God from someone who doesn't even fallow it themselves and that is why I don't go to church anymore. I am not saying I am perfect in any way, I just don't want to go to church to be surrounded by one day a week christians who could lead me even further away from God.  So yeah I can understand why other religions are becoming more popular.
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Amala7 and Logic101 clearly stated what I wanted to say. Please read their response on my behalf.
Adding more to Amala7's, Yes the religion is coming afterwards shows traces of previous religion like Christianity shows Moses, Islam shows and makes compulsory for Muslims to respect both Jesus and Moses. I would here still love to know that in Christianity who is considered as Abraham's GOD?

To share more, In Islam Abraham's GOD and Muslims' GOD is taken same i.e., named "ALLAH".

Someone told me in Yahoo chat rooms that all these three religions are upgradation of each other. Like, Christianity was upgradation for Moses' Judaism and any other religion at that time and Islam was then upgratation to all other religions at that time including Chriatianity and Judaism (with other religions-Its even In Islam' holy book Quran).
And the proof is the interlink of religious figures between these three.

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Glen Thornbury
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Jehovah! Is what he was called!
martha commented
Being a Christian is not being in a tiny box. But why believe in something or Someone, but now 100%? Why be wishy washy, or 2 faced? Who wants that kind of relationships? If you do not choose to believe in Jesus, that is your decision. But I DO, and He has asked me, and His followers to share our faith in Him, so many will come to love and accept Him as their Savior.
As a Christian, I do not appreciate being called ignorant. I am an intelligent woman who is deeply loved by God, and I love Him too.
Omer Butt
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Dear Godlovesyou, Who in my response said that they don't believe Jesus? Kindly make your replies after reading above. All Abrahamic religions followers i.e., Jews and Muslims believe in Jesus but with their own different concepts. Like Muslims believe in Jesus as Prophet/Messenger of GOD instead of Son. And, Even Muslims Faith say that Jesus will come back to earth and respecting Jesus is must in both Islam and Judaism just like in Christianity. It is just that some concepts differs.
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I don't think that God is fake, He is very much alive in all of us, and I don't think that He chooses just one religion to be the best one or the only one that He will recognize, as long as you believe in Him, I think you are on the right side, no matter what religion. Hope this helps.
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Let's think about something, If what you said is true, that god might be failing, ask yourself what has done to sustain a specific belief in us? God could easily prove to the world that he exists maybe by acting in public or maybe even showing himself to us. If he did do such things the world without a doubt would instantly convert. There is absolutely no evidence that a divine being truly exists, why does your supposed god expect us to have certain beliefs if we can't hear,feel, or even see him.
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martha commented
Then where would faith come in? Faith is being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1. God reveals Himself to us in many ways, the main way is in His Son Jesus. Someday I will see Him, but until then, I live by faith not by sight.
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Who says the number of Christian believers is dramatically decreasing??? It may be in the western world, but Christianity is booming in Africa and Asia
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I'll let you in on a secret that not many christians know or understand that the muslim religion is going to grow and grow but what they are going to gain is useless in the end. God the father of Jesus has his plan and his rules and one of them is have no other gods before me i am a jealous God...one day soon the world will see this first hand when the extremists and russia attack israel and 5/6ths of them are destroyed and the leftover attackers are left to return to their countries to tell that are defeated wholly by the God of israel and the christians under the covenant of Jesus dying on the cross..israel was suppose to be wiped from the face of the earth by it's enemies generations ago but it is still here and not only here but has it's original language reborn..the God of israel /the christian God will in the end be the only God  of this world no other religion/gods will exist /be worshipped in the end...there are hundreds of religions practiced by man but only one God believed in with a personal relationship with his creation/followers....the religion you speak of has many many splinter teachings and the way they view their religion is so far from the original teachings even they do not understand what the teaching state and why many of them want to destroy the united states because of their misled learning from religious leaders..their will be no need to have any "crusades"civil wars/wars between nations/world war the last battle if you want to call it that,it  will be one sided as the Lord Jesus the Christ will be doing the fighting (if you want to believe anyone can fight/argue with the Lord)with his believers behind him....if you read the bible and listen to bible scholars a lot more versed in bible phrophecy the united states will not be here as it is now because the church(believers )will be raptured out before the final battle even remotely starts building up to happen...and will return with Jesus to end it all at armageddon or the valley of megiddo...let me ask you have you ever heard of God failing to do what he says? And by God i mean the God of israel-the creator of all things the Father of Jesus the Christ the God that became flesh to die for our sins on the cross and no other...just so it is clear who God is when referred to as the God of israel and the christian God..religion for the most part is rules and regulations thought up by man  from interpretation of the word....(bible)...Jesus(God made flesh) said to come as you are ,he does not say dress up and come to church at a specific time or day and sing this song or say these verses that is mans doing.it is not what it takes to be saved that is done by believing Jesus is the son God and died on the cross for your sins the church things(religion) are to show what you believe....to associate with other believers in worship and study the word(bible)...let's put the answer in one sentence looks can be deceiving,it looks to the world that the christian religion is dwindling..but another way to look at it is people around the world are making their decision to whom they belong/believe in...one is going to be the right one and the other is not...you decide from their actions...hmmmm? What do you actually think  is right?  Numbers do not always represent the truth of what is visually represented.....at least here on earth....see the truth is hidden from  the ones who are not saved..whether you believe this or not it is the truth...sort of like when you were  kid and your mom told you not to touch a hot stove but you did not believe so you touched it and got burned...God has told everyone what he expects but one day he is going to have to do what he says in the bible regardless of what non believers think is right...he can not force anyone to choose what to believe muslim/buddhist/witchcraft/devil worship/wikins/atheists whatever but he will still be the only God in the end...
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Well "strange000" you are either a extremist Muslim, a Christian gone atheist, or a third party religion that had no business of saying that God is failing.

I would like to give you some facts.
1. Islam is currently the fastest growing religion but they have a long time to go before they have as many followers of Christianity.
2. These are the numbers - Islam- 1.2 billion followers - Christianity - 2.1 billion.  Just for a side note the one branch of Christianity, Roman Catholic has just under 1.1 billion. So once again before you say that God fails, and that Christianity is fake, why don't you look at some actual facts instead of what your media on whatever part of the planet is telling you.

Finally I would just like to add when you are at the gates of heaven begging St. Peter to let you in I will be laughing at you from the pool sipping on a nice cold pepsi.
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martha commented
You may not be laughing, but I get your point
amala commented
I dunno if strange000 is a extremist but i know, that you have a very narrow point of view, dont take this as a resentment. From your answer i can see you are proud to be a christian...

But i hope you realize it wont bring us any good to look down on people and judging them and telling them of on the face things they themselves are unsure about....stranger000 is asking a question like this maybe coz he-she did it for fun or maybe his-her faith is challenged....
Ace anonymous
Ace anonymous commented
Im not an extremist of any religion I am a christian and I believe god works through science (hence just because Im christian doesnt mean I dont believe in evolution, but anyways) I am asking this question solely from a third party point of view (not from any point of prejudged or predetermined view). In our world religion class part of what it talks about is the breakdown statistics of all religions. Surveys from all around the world show that faith is going up in islam and down in christianity
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I am hesitant to join this forum because we are always wisely cautioned not to get involved in discussions about politics and religion.  

I wonder where did you get your data that Islam is now the world's most popular religion? What I know is Christianity is really huge not only in the US, but worldwide.  In fact, there are megachurches in this country.

Religion is a means to an end.  The end is the salvation of our soul.
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amala commented
I agree with 'religion its means to end'
God or, Heavenly Father, or Allah, or the creator......ect..

What ever it is you do realize that through out history he has been work very hard to reach to us humans.....

We humans created Religion and named them after who????? The messager...?
Why not the creator himself. ????

Because he is universal and united.... But all his messages are separated...
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I honestly believe that there will be people of all religions standing before the one true God on the Day of Judgement.  Our 'eternity' will be spent in paradise or not and that depends on how we lived our lives.  Religions - in my opinion - give people a lifestyle that works for them.  It is different for everyone.  And without making excuses or finding justifications for what is right or wrong, we know how we should be living our lives.  Hope that makes sense.  I come from a family filled with people of different beliefs. One thing stands true - there is only One God!  May God have mercy on us all!  Btw, I'm Muslim.  
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kimmy capwell answered
God never fails christianity will not ever really die just look like it will
with all the religions of the world and with other many new religions coming up looking stronger and faster this just means that Jesus is going to be coming back soon
all of what is happening now is already in the bible the Lord is
the same yesterday today and forever
read the bible if you want answers to these questions
and keep reading it ask for understanding and you will be shown understanding
ask him for knowledge and he will give you the knowledge you seek
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God will never fail he simply can't he has controls everything happening no matter what and only he knows the future
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Am glad that u think the way u think .... Because that's why allah gave us brains ... And believe me islam is the right religion 4 u .... Just read the Kuran and u will know ...
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Anonymous commented
And more and more christian are becoming muslims every day i think that alone says alot....just log onto youtube and type islam and you will see all these amzing stories believe me it would really touch you...just follow your heart....god bless you
amala commented
Holy books are guides to understanding God's Heart,
it is like text books.
You cant use geography text books that you use 15 years ago to use as complete reference for today's study. U have to use something up to date.

Like Christianity, they can use Quran as reference.so can the Muslim's can use the bible as a reference.

But their limitation internally and externally, the arrogance that what they believe in is the best and nothing else, yes it is the best but they fail to accept past History
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I'm new muslim,was christian in past.I love religion islam,religion of peace.Allah telling us in Quran,to respect all religions!We have to create peace and stop war.Christians,jews muslims we are all brothers from one father Adam.
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Anonymous commented
I agree we don't need unnecessary war.
Remember we Ask Allah at least 17 times a day to be not those who Allah is angry with, nor those who are astray. In the authentic Hadeeth, Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said that means the jews and christians respectively.
And Allah said the christians and Jews are kuffar (disbelievers) in surah al-bayyinah.
Do you then think it's correct to call them our brothers?

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