What place would you nominate as a replacement for hell?


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Living for the rest of your life in a coma with full awareness of your surroundings and absolutely no ability to contact anyone within your proximity. Isolated with your thoughts and no escape from your mental confinement.
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Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
Yep, that must be a living hell - what makes it worse is that we know it must happen sometimes. I rather regret my rather flippant joke about Stansted Airport now.
John commented
It's called locked in syndrome and it is real.
Tony Newcastle
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Can you cite any practical examples where this has really happened to somebody?
What about ARIEL SHARON's coma?
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I Guess Not Being Able To Talk To People Ever Again Or See People Ever Again.. Because Every Living Person Detests You.. Locked In  Solitary Confinement For 50 Years  Spending 30 Years Waiting In Line At  DMV.  POST OFFICE.. Being Declared Dead When You Are Only In A Deep Sleep Coma.. Locked In A Room Watching Grass Grow For 60 Years. Being Forced To Watch Barney The Dinosaur DVDs For The Rest Of The Century.. A Never Ending Fall  Off The Grand Canyon  Ledge..Having To Live On Snakes And  Spiders.. 10,000 Miles From  Civilization On An Island Made Of Broken Glass For 45 Years. Anybody Want To Try Any Of These? Be Like Survivor Man?  Not Me. Which One Is Worst??
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Ray Dart
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Yep.. Barney the Dinosaur - everything else pales into insignificance beside that..........
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I agree that a coma would be pretty darn awful, n' very close to being in Hell. All those peeps who were brain dead, kept alive with a respirator must have been in a sort of Hell. Hope nobody does that to me out of being afraid to pull the plug !! It happens even when U have a living will sometimes.
I've had many dreams about not being able to escape something, n' that felt like Hell to me....even tho they were only dreams. Being trapped in any way scares the Bajeebers outta me.
Would definitely be Hell.
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John answered
There is no place that even comes close even though man(meaning man and woman) may feel like they are going through problems in life that they just can't deal with but those are temporary compared to eternity in hell.i would say the closest to even being remotely like hell would have been in the furnace of the king in daniel chapter 3 verse 23 in the bible. Or the furnace in a concentration camp or the  1/2 mile mark outside of hiroshima where their flesh was melted off their bodies while they were standing watching their eyes boil out of their eye sockets as the blinding fash washed over them.these are just a few examples of a temporary glimpse of hell.just ask the rich man looking at lazarus across the chasm into heaven what hell is really like.luke chapter 16 verses 19-31.
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Ray Dart answered
Stanstead Airport Departures.
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Keith Old
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Sounds bad, Plingsby.
John commented
Any airport behind a woman with three kids and all the their luggage as the husband walks away just before the plane boards. : ). I can still hear her yelling at the top of her lungs at him. Hahahahahaha.
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If it's not already, then I nominate the center of the earth.
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Gene wright
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You took it right back to hell. The center of the earth is where hell is.
Stephen Antonelli
That's what I mean. Is Heaven actually right above us? Is hell literally below us in the center of the earth? If not then it would be a great place for it to be, no? Imagine if we could drill and place a camera to the center of the earth? If hell is there?
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The DMV.
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Joan answered
I will give my vote to Jackyll for having the worst case scenario for a living hell but for a purely descriptive post of hell as it is, it has to be Nomad1.  But, for a real place...it has to be a place that I spent a weeks vacation many years ago and that was in Del Rio, Texas.  It was the most miserable place I have ever visited in my life:  Unrelenting heat with little or no entertainment other than a place to go scuba diving,  which is why we went there.  My brother actually blistered the bottoms of his feet walking barefoot down the street and ended up with a big blister.  The only way to get away from the heat was to be underneath the water and it's just not possible to be there for 24 hours a day.  I suppose the place has improved since I was there years ago,  but I have no intention of finding out personally.  I joke that it was the worst year of my life that week.  That week drug out forever!!
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Tony Newcastle
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I suppose the name 'DEL RIO' gives away that it is a town on the RIO GRANDE, on the Texas border?
Stewart Pinkerton
Yep, it's a classic border town, and worse than that, it's the home of Laughlin Air Force Base, the largest training base for the US Air Farce. Wall to wall bars and hookers on both sides of the border, Nanat has it well pegged as a good candidate for hell on Earth! :-)

Most famous (for my generation!) for housing the XERF radio station where Wolfman Jack did his thing in the '60s.
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Zura Star answered
I would have to say Jackyll's answer would be horrible, and I think he has the best answer.
My personal replacement for hell would either be that, or a dark, lonely, desert-covered planet where you are the only person.  The sand to hot and to hard to dig.  No matter how far you walk, you will see nothing but a black horizon separated from an even darker sky.  Endless, hopelessness and isolation from all that you once loved, and nothing to hold in your future except more meaningless exploration of the bare nothingness of the desert, alone.
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St Peter's Basilica.
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John commented
Under it or in it. : ).hmmm? I guess that would depend on why you were there.
Stewart Pinkerton
Seems an obvious answer - surely Hell is where all the corrupt and evil souls are?
John commented
They may be corrupt when they go in but they may also be forgiven when they come out.funny how forgiveness works.
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Lynne Dwyer answered
Miami Fl.
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John commented
Sorry, for running off at the jibs. I guess i was just remembering a fun time even though it was a bad time in the world. I got to see the ocean for the first time in my life even though it was for only about 15 minutes as i drove out of town.
Lynne Dwyer
Lynne Dwyer commented
I was wonderin who got that blazer. Lol
John commented
It's a wonder my old neighbor did n't get it .they go down to florida every 4 years and pick up a new town car. What i call a land yacht. Even when it hits a pothole/bump it is like riding over a small rolling wave.
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Arun kumar answered
When someone harm our independence and exploit us a lot that place at my point of view is pure replacement of hell!!
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Jon Robinson answered
Earth. All the good people who passed away could go to heaven. All the undesirables could be left here to keep each other amused. Eventually it truly would be "hell on earth!",only no way out! You're dead!
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Gene wright answered
The only replacement would be where Jesus is not there.  It could be an atheist's house. Like yours?
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Joe B.
Joe B. commented
Mine for sure.... Unless Jesus can put a 'Brita' type filter thing on my faucet to make it pour Wine.... Dude does this, he's my God for sure.
Stewart Pinkerton
Ummm, I guess that *would* be Hell for you! :-)
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Karen F. answered
Wow - Both Jackyll and Zurastar gave truly inspired answers! (applause)

To me, hell wouldn't be one specific place. There are lots of things that scare me, but two situations stand out for me.

The first is probably one of those "it goes without saying" types of things: If I had to watch either or both of my children be tortured. (Or in the case of those of you who don't have kids, substitute anyone you really care about.) That would be unbearable.

The second one is more specific to myself, I think. Maybe. My personal idea of hell would be to have some kind of brain injury that resulted in aphasia. Losing the ability to speak, to read, to write, to understand spoken words .... Oh man! Just trying to imagine it makes me freak out.

(See here for more information about aphasia.)
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Ruth Campbell answered
There are plenty of places and situations on earth that constitute hell.  Most of it is due to man's sadism.  In the Afterlife I think there is only one place.
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Joe B. answered
I'll nominate heaven. Because it seems to me after all the burning and torment then to be placed next to all these smiling happy people would be a special kind of punishment.

And also, it's just like prisons and nuclear power plants..... Everyone either wants them or uses them at some level, but nobody seems to want them "in my backyard"

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