What do you think of the religion Islam?


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All religions are "Opium for the masses".
Islam is no different from any other religion.
It is the Islamic revisionists that have created a radicalised version of the creed that has become far more vocal and therefore more prominent than mainstream Islam.
It's interesting that there is a little Muslim community close to where I work in India. The, usually religiously-tolerant non-Muslim locals there complain about the radical behaviour of some of the adherents. A few people have got the entire faith a bad name, world-wide.
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Ray Dart
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I did not necessarily mean the Taleban (although they are certainly radical). It may be that they endorse the beheading of criminals, but this is just the Taleban, not the religion. Even Sharia Law does not call for that. Amputation of hands is in there somewhere, for theft, but is rarely enforced anywhere. The secular Chinese hang more people than any other country.
Addilynn All Star
Yes there are some extemists and they put the other muslims to shame , but they will be punished ..and no..in the holy Quran it states all the wrong doings , and that killing in any way is a sin , and that includes beheading..And sharia law is also wrong and sinful..but do these people really care? They only want to hurt.
Hilary Newton
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Yeah beheading does sting a bit.
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Islam is the religion God favoured for those who believe in him. It is a way of life, leaving no stone unturned. Go on YouTube and type, 'what is Islam Yousef Estes'. I really like the way he broke things down. He was a former Christian who reverted to Islam!
People have these serious misconceptions of Islam, look at things like Islamophobia. Excuses to degrade Muslims, to insult Muslims. And no-one stops it!
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Well I Think A Lot Of People Have The Wrong Ideas About.
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It is a superior religon that is converting people to islam to believe in one God
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Tony Newcastle
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B.S.,period. [...as the Americans say]
Ray Dart
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I think you'll have to give us an example (just one would be good) that indicates the superiority of Islam. (It should have a capital letter, by the way.) All the worlds great humanitarian works are done by (largely) Christian-based organisations. The wealthier Arabs donate a few quid.
Tony Newcastle
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Man. City would not have won on Saturday without the quids of Sheik Mansour and his Sheik mates from Abu Dhabi.
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That it is trying to take over the world. That ( just like Christianity ) a true religion should care about the whole world and all that is within it. That is have compassion for all things. But  someone pse put me right if I am wrong But is it not the islamic religion that says that dogs are unclean and are not allowed in their homes and places for example. This, to me, does not make any sense because the God that any religion believes in surely loves the dogs he made as well as all creatures. Does he not? It is things like this thatput me off religion.
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Tony Newcastle
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You are right,Eleanor.
If they were to become supreme, the whole world would eventually be under the diomination of an Islamic Caliphate ruler.
Addilynn All Star
Actually animals in islam are not allowed to touch the skin of any muslim if this happens they are consideres 'pleet' but islam teaches that animals are blessed in islam and should be treated fairly and equally but they must not touch and if they do they must shower
MISS.SUNSHINE lil-miss-sunny
I'm a Muslim and i never heard of that! As for dogs, we can't touch it if it is wet! We are alowed to keep dogs as guard dogs however. There was this person who's sins were forgiven for feeding a thirsty dog!! Showing mercy to God's creatures is a part of Islam!
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Watch out they will cut the head of the duck

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