What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Sick Infant And Puppy?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Wow, that’s not a very nice dream! I guess its meaning depends on whether or not the infant and the puppy belonged to you.

What Your Dream Might Mean

  • If the child and the puppy were yours, then this probably means that you just care about them a lot, and that you’re worried about them getting sick. It probably won't come true, though - I had a dream about my pony getting sick but he never did. I think it’s just because I love him so much!
  • I guess it’s harder to understand the dream if the child and the puppy weren’t yours. It might mean that you’re feeling like you want to nurture something. Both a sick child and a puppy are vulnerable things, so they both need looking after. Maybe you could try getting a pet so that you have something to care for.
  • If you didn’t like being around the sick infant and the puppy, then maybe your dream is telling you that you’re afraid of responsibility. Again, getting a pet might be a good idea!
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Dreams are unreliable to interpret in detail.  I would simply say that your dream indicates that you have some anxiety over the care of your infant and puppy.  Further, I would say that your anxiety is perfectly normal and I am sure you will care for them both very well.

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