What proof is there that God is real?


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The best proof I can give you Nick is us . The people. How / who else could have created us ? No one but God . It wasn't man made. We the people are the proof that God exists. He created this beautiful world for us to live in.

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Lee leeder answered

There is no proof. People just follow blindly with a thing they call faith because their lives depend on believing in something. I don't believe in God as man has portayed him but I do however believe in a higher spirit that is not gender specific.

 I don't follow anything blindly, except my cute little birdie.

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There is no proof of God. But  I feel like a God exists. Feeling like my life is more than just for survival. Beautiful experiences, the love I have for people, all make me feel like there's probably a God. But like I said, no real proof and I could be wrong.  When I say 'God', I do not mean anything related to any type of religion.  I despise religion.

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You yourself is proof that God exist. Revelations 4:11 tells us because of him we exists and that he is worthy of our praise.

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