How And When Was Islam Introduced In The Indo' Pak Subcontinent?


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So far I know about the expansion of Islam in subcontinent, it was 1000 years back when Islamic Caliph triumph the subcontinent. For history papers, I love to visit website to write my essay perfectly after checking reviews.

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The story of the introduction of Islam in the subcontinent stalls from the very days of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Arabs had trade relations with India even in the days of prehistoric period and their colonies had been established on the Indian coasts. A few years after the Holy Prophet preached Islam, it was accepted by many of the Arabs living in India.

Southern India:

The sea-voyage was not popular with most of the communities of southern India as their caste system inhibited them to proceed abroad. After the acceptance of Islam the Arabs, along with the vast conquests in African and Asian territories, expanded their trade up to the coast of China. India was not less strategic from trade point of view. Therefore, the significance of Arab colonies in India was obvious. The mutual interests of Indians and Arabs promoted close friendly relations between n. That is why we see that Indians had allowed many concessions and facilities to the Arab colonies. The Arabs had a right to say prayers and decide their personal and civil suits riding to the Islamic jurisprudence. They were encouraged to bring up a particular number of indigenous children in the cradle of Islam in order to make them trained sailors. They were also allowed to many higher caste NAMR women. Thus the Amber of Muslims, with the passage of time, went on resigning southern India.

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