What Is The Status Of Black Marketing In Islam?


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Black Marketing deals with goods or services that are bootleg, contraband, smuggled, black or illegal. They are prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules. Black marketing or any related trade is essentially prohibited in Islam. Islam terms the income earned from such trade as "Haram' and unlawful. And there are clear rules about people who earn Haram, that they shall not be admitted to Jannah. It is not even bad for the person who is earning it but also for his family.
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Yeh, I agree with Aicha, because any illegal trade or black trade is prohibited by Islam ,
hence , there is no place of illegal goods ( those are not permitted by Saria and as well trade )
But now a days, by knowing the truth some marketers camouflage us , which is really sad.

Marketing is not the subject to exaggerate any idea or product rather giving the perfect information to choose the best.

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