I Have A Gift For Knowing Things Before They Happen. I Also Know People's Names Whom I Have Never Met Before. I Have Actually Asked People If Their Name Was "Something" And They Reply, Oh, That Was My Mom, Brother Etc. But They've Passed Away?


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Hi.. I guess you should just be glad bout it... There is nothing we could do.if you try to ignore it,it will just stress you out. I have gone through this and its very difficult to deal with but if you have the courage and brave it will be easy to go along with. I have the ability to tell you of what will happen further in the future also I see things that I interpret and happen just as I say.. Yeah I understand that sometimes you wish it would just happen but the more you think of, the worst it gets. Just help one whenever you can.
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Being gifted is a good thing , so you want to stop seeing this visions? , you better think twice
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I have had deja vu where I feel as if I am simply repeating life occationally. But I think your problem is on a spiritual level.
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These are premonitions, and though most people get them, most people ignore them. Do not worry, we all have this ability, some are just more in tune than others. Some it is so severe they have to be put on medication while others learn to control or better understand them and can learn to live with them

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