Is there any mention about Marijuana or other drugs in the bible?


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The word.pharmica i may be spelling it wrong ..but drugs are mentioned

The drs symbol with two snakes in a staff came from exodus.

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You came close to the correct spelling of the Greek word used, but this applied to ALL drugs . . . even using Aloe from a plant to treat burns . . . in the Bible it was translated as Witch craft.
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The bible does not directly mention the names of drugs. However, think about this: If you were able to give somebody an exquisite gift, say a brand-new automobile, how would you feel if he deliberately misused it? Say that he tried to operate it without ever putting oil into it or changing the oil, and he used it to deliver manure? You would probably be angry or disgusted with him for such misuse of your gift, wouldn’t you? How do you think, then, God feels if we misuse our wonderful body, needlessly filling it with some poison in the quest of “kicks” or “thrills”? His Word lets us know by encouraging us: “Let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God’s fear.” (2 Corinthians 7:1) So, we cannot be living in harmony with God’s will if, in a quest for “kicks” or “thrills,” we take into our bodies a drug that defiles them.

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No the bible does not speak about all the drugs that are used to destroy the body but it does say that we should" Cleanse ourselves of every delfilment of flesh and spirit"  2Corinthians 7:1  Those street drugs truly defile the body.

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I'm not sure why the question is being asked but there are some things that the bible says should be considered on this subject. The first thing the bible says is not  to defile the flesh, which is noted at 2Cor 7:1. The other direction given is found at Ro 13:1, there it says to be in subjection to the superior authorities. Which means being obedient to the laws of government.

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