Is the Koran really similar to the Bible?


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Read them both and judge for yourself. Of course, each has a rich cultural context that goes with it, so you may want to find associated commentary or annotation to aid in your interpretation. Only you know what you mean by "similar."
Both the Bible and the Qur'an have been cited as the justification for holy war, murder on a grand scale, so they are similar in that way. Each has also helped countless people lead moral lives.
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I appreciate your comments, especially the last sentence. That's true from a non-religious sociological aspect which is applicable to majority of religions.
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The Quran was written 600 years after Christ. Muhammad being illiterate, it was written by Abu Bakr his close follower. Since the Quran is the plagiarized form of the Bible, obviously there will be similarities. The similarities can also be attributed to some extend to the same region from which both were written.

Before Muhammad brought Islam, the Arabs worshiped the sun, moon and other natural objects. This was already forbidden in the Old Testament--- much before the advent of the Islamic religion.

Since Jesus Christ is considered only a prophet of God and not God by Islam, there is no similarity as to the core doctrine of Christianity and Islam.
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As "literary" works they are very different. One is the work of many people over many years in many languages, the other is the work of one man over a few years. Both give advice as to the best way to live your life, both contain religious "rules" (some would call them laws) to be obeyed.
The problem with both is interpretation. Both can be interpreted in many ways, and used to push an individual's or an organisation's agenda. (Most copies of the Qu'ran sold in the West come with built-in "interpretation" provided by Islamic scholars.) As Oddman says, you should make up your own mind.
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In other words, it is God breathed/God inspired. The Quran cannot say this.
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The Qu'ran can and does say this. To It's followers it is religious guidance, given to Mohamed by God. That is why it is impossible to translate properly, after all, who can interpret the word of God?
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The Bible teaches that Jesus is God's Son. When Jesus was baptized his Father spoke from heaven and said, " Look! Also, "This is my Son, the beloved, whom, whom I have approved." Matthew 3:17. Also he is the Savior of all those exercising faith in him. John 3:16. Those who read the Quran believe Jesus was just a prophet like Moses.

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