Is the Quran older than the bible?


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The texts that make up the Bible were written between the time of Moses (about 1300-1100 BC) for the first five books of the Old Testament, up to about 150 AD for the Revelation of John, whereas Muhammad was born in 570 AD and didn't start claiming to have heard the voice of Gabriel in his dreams until about 620 AD, so although the Quran as we know it today was was pretty much settled by 700 AD, and the classic King James Bible wasn't translated into English until 1611 AD, the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic texts which make up the Bible are *much* older than the Quran.
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The Quran was written in the 7th century AD. The bible was written from the 13th century BC(estimate) to the 2nd century AD.
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The Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament were written during the period 1100 BC to 100 AD. The Bible was originally written in three languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

The Quran was written 600 years after Christ. Muhammad heard the teachings of Jesus Christ from traders of gold, ivory and slave. He put those stories in the Quran. In short, the Quran is an imitation of the Torah and the teachings of Christ.
The Bible is much much older than the Quran.
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Noor-ul-Elmah Hasan
But quran is pure and has the pure words of Allah . The religion Islam was not any invention of a person but was a pure religion and a pure guidance to spend life with peace from Allah
Noor-ul-Elmah Hasan
Selievisa ! I have commented on your answers and comments and I wish you will get a chance to read Quran once in your life and will change your mind and views when your brain will get enlightened with the purity and beautiful kalimat of Quran .
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Noor-ul-Elmah Hasan, you are totally ignoring the facts. You have been brainwashed. Please read the Bible and the Truth shall set you free. Forget all those rituals, saying the same statements over & over again because you were taught to. We are enlightened by the Word of God, but we are never pure. We strive to be, but Jesus is the ONLY person on Earth that has ever been pure. By the way, I doubt Islam is a "religion". It is more like an ideology. Besides, religion is not a 'relationship' with Jesus as Christians have.
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Not by a long shot. In the beginning was the word and the word was God.(the book of john chapter one verse one) so the bible was written at the beginning of time itself.although it was not put on paper until the world had writing utensils. A actual way to put language on a stone tablet ,papyrus,paper,into printed book form... In  1538.the quran was written/printed by man not God. God/yhwh/Jesus is the only God.the holy trinity.the gutenburg bible was printed in 1465.then was reprinted in the 1600's I believe by the order of King James. The first/oldest copy of the quran is only dated back to 800 ad. The oldest bible/scrolls are dated back to 500 bc and case you don't know bc from ad. Bc is before Christ's birth and ad is after Christ's death(or anno domini) the biblical writings/teachings are way way waaay older than the koran(quran).this is all I could find out/know.
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John commented
Also not true or valid for muhammed to hear from gabriel the angel he had to be created in order for the angel to be able to give him the words for the quran/koran .so how did he translate and print a copy at the beginning of time .if he had to be given the word by gabriel .something doesn't add up there. Other texts as you say were also made by man not God the creator the alpha and omega.the beginning and end. In other words there can only be one author God/yhwh/Jesus.
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A slight correction to what Nomad said about the BC/AD thing... AD (Anno Domini or Domine) translates as "In the year of the/our Lord" and refers to the year Jesus was born, not the year he died. If the latter were true, we would have a 32-33 year gap(between the last year BC, and the first year "after death") where there were no calendar years at all :s As is, there is only 1 missing year... "0". Time jumps from 1 BC to 1 AD.
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Neither the Bible nor the Quran claims to be written at the beginning of time. That doesn't even make any sense.
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"The Bible was written over a period of 1400 to 1800 years by more than 40 different authors."

The first five books of the Old Testament (known as Torah) was written by Moses during the forty years that the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness (1450 - 1410 B.C.).

The Quran was written 1375 years ago. So figure it out.
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No Bible was cataloged about four centuries before the Quran appeared.
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I don't know why the Christians and the Muslims fight because both are wrong. Because the books are wrong totaly .

Before Allah or Issa came there were
already peoply before your Islam ore Issa. Those books are made by

The  Bible and the Koran, the roots are not this books but the Wedas. The Weda is 1.9 bilions old, and your books about 2300 jears
old. How can it be that your Allah and Issa write books?

That is only
history, no knowlege . Because every body on this planet know that
sanskriet is the oldest grammar. You peoply talk only about yourself but
dont look what was befoure your books . There where already peoply with
knowlege . Bible has change 4 times. The Koran is the same as the bible
with some small changes. There are so many mistakes in this books . That
you people only fight, in this books are also only fights between people
of different culture.

the Muslims didn't know what the 0 was, they had to
learn from the Arieers . The
peoeple in europe thought that the 0 was demonic. And you people talk
about knowlege. The Koran and Bible is only history between peoples and fight . And that in the name of God.

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In actual fact, there are 2 Holy Books of ALLAH. As mentioned in the Glorious Quran

AQ 03:03-04 -  We sent down upon you, [O Muhammad], the Book [Quran] in truth, confirming what was in between, support it - that is, I sent down the Torah and the Gospel FROM BEFORE, as guidance for the people, that is,  I sent down the Criterion {OT}....

Before the Quran was sent down, ALLAH did sent down a Book aka Bible aka Vedas aka Furqan.  This particular Book was sent first to the Prophet Noah. Subsequently, inherited by Prophet Abraham with additional directives [suhuf Abraham - AQ 87:19]. Prophet Moses also received the same Book with additional directives [suhuf Musa - AQ 87:19].

Prophet David received a Zabur, that is, he received a volume of the Book, which is, the Torah. Subsequently, his Cousin, Prophet Esa, received a second volume of the Book, which is the Injeel. Both of these volumes made up the Book aka Bible aka Vedas, aka Furqan. The children of Israel were the only people during their era received a complete Book! The Sobiuun [Gentiles] received the Book which comprises of only the directives of Prophet Noah and Prophet Abraham. Sobiuun were people descended from the 11 sons of Ismael. All of us are descended from the 11 sons of Ismael except for the children of Israel, who were direct descendants of Prophet Noah.

As such, from the Quranic perspective, the Book aka Furqan aka Bible aka Vedas, which comprised of the zubur [volumes] Torah and Injeel, was much older.

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Does it really matter which is older? Neither of them are accurate and both of them are nothing but hearsay.

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The Bible is made up of many different books written over a long period of time. Many of the books are older than the Qur’an, and many were written later.
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I nice peacemaking attempt but, no, Judaism and Christianity have roots back much farther in time than Islam. In fact, the essential source of the Quran was the Bible, a book with which Muhammed was familiar. You could, in fact, call the Muslim religion a revisionist religion. It is probably that revisionist aspect which led to its being occasionally what some would deem to be a dangerous religion.
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Lex, the question doesn't ask about the origin of the religion.
Stewart Pinkerton
But it does ask about the origin of the books, and the last book of the Bible was written more than 500 years before the first Surah of the Koran. So basically, your answer is wrong.
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Hmm... I'm not quite sure about the answer because the Bible was written in the time of Prophet Isa a.s. Who was sent down earlier than Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. But, The Holy Bible nowadays was edited by Christians until it had become wrong.  So, it should be the Holy Quran which is older than the nowadays Bible. If you're talking about the original Bible, it is written earlier than the Holy Quran. So, it is up to you to choose any of my answer.  (P/S: Christians, please comment)
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Stewart Pinkerton
Let's not forget that the Koran was also edited, and was not fixed until about 700 AD, it is certainly true that the base texts which form the classic 1611 King James Bible were heavily edited, many old gospel texts being excluded because they did not fit Church dogma. This is however no different from the entire Koran having been dictated by one mortal man who claimed that an archangel spoke to him in his dreams. Nowadays he'd be locked up and drugged!
Noor-ul-Elmah Hasan
Mr. Madmacstew you are totally incorrect . Quran was never edited . It is still in the same words in which it was revealed . In surah e hajr - verse 9 it is mentioned that allah is the guard of quran and it will never get any changes until the end of this world because it is under the security of allah . You must read quran yourself and then you will be able to differentiate between right and wrong path .
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Hi. Just wanted to comment on revised version of the bible. I went to the ROM a couple of years ago for the Dead Sea Scrolls display and these original manuscripts dates from around 900BC are the same that are used to make up the new HUMAN made recent bible versions. The newer translations actually represent the original manuscripts with more accuracy than the earlier translations, based on understanding the Times theywere written vs the current language that we use.

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