If You Will Be Given A Chance To Go Back In Your Past Experiences, What Would It Be?and Why?


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babi-guhh mixxed-on deck Profile
I would take back all the things i said and have done. It hurt my mom in many ways, but it also hurt me. And now I don't have a cell kinda pissed bout dat. But yea.


Michelle New Zealand Profile
If I can go back I will firstly change my career.  Don't get me wrong I love being a Lawyer but my passion is Wild Life.  I would have wanted to be a Game Ranger.
Then the second thing I would like to change is to get my husband back.  Due to me making one stupid mistake he left me and would maybe never trust me again.  So if I was able to go back then I would undo everything I did to him and then we would still be together
Lena JH Profile
Lena JH answered
Relationship wise: There's one relationship that I wonder what would have happened if I just let go and trusted. So many problems happened between us because I was insecure with myself and I didn't trust him at all, which made me treat him badly most of the time. I would appreciate what we had more and maybe take advantage of opportunities I had. This would just be to see what it would have turned out as though, because I appreciate all I learned from that relationship and I don't regret not being with him anymore.
doris rispoli Profile
doris rispoli answered
If i had to do my past over i would of changed not been so shy and scared of talking to guys. Plus waited on marriage not  to been abused and other things goes with a abuser. Not to been in a rush into a marriage and was not sure of love.

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