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My views are normally kept to myself as i don't want to offend anyone, but i believe god, and any religion for that matter, i a complete mockery of an industry, yet highly powerful and extremely profitable.
First of all, every religion states that if you do not follow it then you will go to hell. I'll see every single one of you there then shall I?
So, we're off to a bad start. I feel it is important to remind everybody that there is not 1 single piece of hard evidence that religion is real. How can there be? It's supernatural. Nobody's parting the ocean, building arks, turning wine into water etc... All fictional stories created over the years. You name it, it did not/could not have happened. In fact, many a story about witches were the creation of somebody eating wild mushrooms and believing the person in front of them was evil due to their psychedelic trip.
God did not create the earth, let alone in 7 days. Come on, the majority of us have the Discovery channel these days.
Stigmatism - simple chemical reaction when clasping hands together, as the 2 diff chemicals, one on each hand, are mixed. Also it is always covered up the rest of the time from wearing gloves. See St Frances of Asissi(sp), the crazy nut job that he was.
The Virgin Mary - Not very likely, is it?
Now we have the fact of all the terrible things that happen in the world, namely natural disasters. If there is a god, he's a bit shit at it.
I offer to sell my soul to the devil every day for the want of an awesome millionaire rock-star lifestyle, yet i'm still here working like a slave in the middle of the desert surrounded by muslims who think i'm satanic for not actually believing in a religion. Sometimes they're so shocked at the news there is people out there who do not believe in allah that they are completely stuck for words. Most of them, completely brainwashed. Who has the right to tell them they can't drink alcohol, have sex before marriage, get tattoos etc etc?? Seriously, who has the right?
My mother is a devout Christian, she's happy and she has faith, she is a lovely caring woman who dedicates all her time to helping others. I'm happy for her and glad she has this in her life, but deep down, even she knows it's all a lie. It just gives her a social curriculum and allows here to meet and mingle with other very nice people.
This may spark many different reactions, but hey, you asked.
I personally don't have time to be religious and i'm having way too much fun to be tied down to rules and religious beliefs.
So who believe's in the toothfairy then?
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brian ward
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I would implore you to ask yourself, did our DNA randomly combine together and decide to form two ears, a mouth, a nose, hair to cover us, etc. I ask you did the Earth in a Big Bang or anything like that just so happen to form streams that produce trees that produce oxygen to allow us as humans, who are the main inhabitant of Earth to breath, Is it a coincidence that the sun revolves around the earth, giving the key essentials needed for plants to live, Do the seasons change on their own to allow time for harvest and time for growth, Is it a coincidence that evil ends in disaster, while good ends in well, good, is it purely coincidental that man AND woman was created, allowing for birth and a vast population, Is it a coincidence that your mother, a Christian, is HAPPY through faith, and she is a caring woman who helps others, Remember, by their fruits you shall know them. Read my response as well to the topic and ask yourself is it merely a spontaneous chain of events that is making a book that was written centuries ago come true word for word to this day. My brother, I tell you I care for you and love you in Christ and I pray right now that God will open your eyes and your heart to the truth that is in Christ Jesus, and bring you to salvation through belief in the Son of God. In Christ name, A-men
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I am a Christian, and believe in God with all my heart. I believe that as a Christian we should share our beliefs only when asked and not push them on anyone as the bible speaks of respect and I find it disrespectful to push any belief on another.
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Didn't stop you from destroying native american's way of life
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My stepfather is Native American, and what's that got to do with the anything?
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A reason to set standards high, that's it
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I believe that God exists. And those who says he doesn't, I feel sad for them =( I believe we should worship the one and only. And our destiny lies in his hands.. If we want our destiny to be fine, we should worship and pray to him =)
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Ok. Here are the facts. The bible is the best selling book of all times. Or at least it was, I think it still is. The bible gives us real life examples of how to succeed in this life and how to find meaning and salvation through Christ Jesus. The bible has proven itself as true since the beginning of time through prophecy, and is still coming true to this day. Look at the current world you are in. Brother is against brother, wars are rampant all over the world, the word is being preached worldwide, we are on the verge of a one world currency system or economic system if you will, people claiming to be Christ has appeared over the last several years, (Remember David Koresh from Waco, TX), the jews are returning to Israel and peace talks are under way in the east. All these and many many more prophecies are coming true in our time. I would suggest reading the book of revelation, and I don't really remember but I believe Daniel and Ezekial are also prophetic books. Also read the book of John, after Luke, pay close attention to John 3:16 and read the book of Romans, (Romans tells us the way to forgiveness and Salvation in Christ). Ask Jesus to open your eyes and your heart to the truth and invite Christ into your heart to be your Lord and Savior TODAY, for today is the day of SALVATION. Remember we are not promised tomorrow, and notice the world around you, the signs are there and time is short. I ask Christ right now to save your beloved soul and to give you blessed assurance and peace, In Christ name I pray, A-men
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Jack G
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Yes, it is one big coincident and it's called EVOLUTION. You sound like the lunatics that stand outside my local shopping centre trying to save people. Everyone needs a hobby but religion is going a bit far. You still haven't given me any solid proof of any of this nonsense. So, the bible is the biggest selling book of all time. That's fantastic evidence that it. Waterworld was the most expensive movie of it's time but it was still a heap of tripe. I think michael jackson was the most successful music star of all time but he still changed the colour of his skin then sang a song about how it doesn't matter if you're black or white then became and estranged paedophile. A bit like, dare i say it, the common catholic priest. Mohammed is the most common name in the world, goos christian name that is.

Prophecy - on a long enough timescale every realistic prediction will come true. Dare i predict that you will die one day?

See 'god will always forgive' so if I see myself seconds from death I'll just throw in a quick 'sorry big man' there we go, salvation without all the bullsh*t that goes with it.
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God sets the time in our life. Everything happens in his own wonderful time.  

You mentioned that you are studying the bible.  It is good. I don't know about you, but in my case, it took a while for what I am reading to sink in my brain and in my life until I learned that we can pray by BEING IN the inspiring stories of the bible.  If you need explanation on how to do this, shout at me and  I will explain.

Meantime, how do you prove there is God.  You must have heard of the miraculous water of Lourdes.  There were many sick people going to that place who were getting cured.  But the police had a different view.  Anyway....it was decided that if it is really from God, the king would order an inquest.  What happened was the king's son was sick and his nanny went to get water.  However, on that day, people were arrested and the nanny was one of those arrested.  The water cured the sick son of the king and an inquest was ordered by the King.

You can also ask God whatever question you have. You will get the answer. Take time to talk to God and be prepared to hear His answer.

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I've studied the gods of several religions and was, at one time, a "born again" christian. Had the full immersion baptism, the whole works. But i don't believe in the god/gods of organized religion anymore. My view is that "god" is a natural energy or force that can be tapped in to by people. This energy is neither good nor evil, it just is ;)
it may sound insane, but i'd liken god to "the force" in star wars. It's very pantheistic ;)
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There's a possibility he exists. Anything can happen. There are laws being discovered far into the depths of the universe that would totally contradict the laws set here on Earth. Just like the laws of Michigan are different from the laws of Idaho, the laws of Earth are different from the laws of other planets and galaxies.

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That the current version of God is no more and no less true or authentic than the versions espoused by the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Norse, the Romans or any other adherents of supernatural deities. All supported by the same evidence.

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