Do Gothic People Believe In God?


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Being 'Gothic' or 'Goth' doesn't necessarily indicate any particular view on the existence of God, but is rather a sub-culture based primarily around music, fashion, art and literature.

The Origin of Goth

The Gothic subculture was a youth movement that originated around the post-punk music scene of 1980s Britain, and specifically at a nightclub known as 'The Batcave'  located in Soho, central London. The original themes of Goth fused the outrageous fashion styling of punks with a spooky backdrop, and many of the concepts that we identify with 'Gothic culture' today actually originated from the bands that played the stage of the Batcave Club.

Do Goths Believe in God?

Whilst many rebellious youth and musical subcultures of the 1970s and 1980s (such as Punk, New Wave, New Romanticism) may have had a disdain for social structures such as politics and organized religion, there is nothing to suggest that they purposely set out to embrace or reject any particular theological or religious doctrine. Therefore, whilst it may be true that many young people involved in any counter-culture may view atheism (or the rejection of the existence of any deity) as the norm between themselves, it is by no means a requirement for being involved in any specific music or social scene.

Goths and Satanism

Over the decades, the idea of what Gothic culture represents has altered considerably from the early days of the Batcave Club. The emergence of several similar genres of music have blurred the lines a lot, and 'Goth' is now lazily used as a catch-all term to describe any form of alternative culture that is linked with the spooky and the macabre. The popular misconception that Goth music has anything to do with Satanism stems from this situation which causes lines between subcultures to be very difficult to distinguish.

To sum the situation up, the modern Goth scene is generally open to people of all creeds and beliefs (although snobbier Goths will insist that people at least dress the part). Whether Goths then choose to worship Satan, Santa, or Sandra Bullock is a completely separate and personal choice!

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Yes, I am goth and I believe in god, jesus the whole sha-bang. Goth means not caring for elegance it has nothing to do with religion , darling.... Oh and goths are not emo.... Theres a difference. I , as a goth do not cut myself oh and emo is short for emotional in case you didn't know.
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Hi, I'm goth and I'm christian (catholic). I have friends (gothic)   who believe in God too, I knowe that some gothic people believe and some of them don't believe in God but that means that knowe people are like all people, like someone sayed- just people...
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Gothic people, or "Goths," believe in many different religions, depending on the individual.  Some examples are Satanism, Luciferianism, Christianity, Wicca, Atheism, and many others.  Goths are very unique individuals with very different ideas about religion and other topics.  I've associated with a few goths on gothic websites, and they are as variable in their beliefs as anyone who is not gothic.  Some goths don't believe in any religion, but they have not ruled out the possibilities that exist.  Many goths are more open-minded than most people in general, but there are also just as many goths who are very narrow, shallow, and/or just downright rude and mean.  Basically, to sum it up in one statement... People are people.  It's not just a cliche, it's very true.  All people are still just that...people.
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Awesome answer!!
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I'm no goth, but i have friends that are. I'm sure they'd be thanking you for this answer as do i. Great job!
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Well there are many different goth's :  Some goth's are hardcore satanists, some so-called 'Goth's' THINK that they believe in Satan but they don't because really they are just want to-be's and just want to 'Fit In,', but there are also Christians Goth's, like me .
They are not that hard too find , hope that answered your question. Take care and god bless you,

                                                                                                                                JellyBean x

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Hi I don't believe in religion has religion only fight with one another BUT I DO BELIEVE IN GOD and god is about love and peace
there is a god and there is also a devil
just asking you to choose very carefully who you choose to follow
we are all free spirits
I did use to follow the devil and I lived in a lot of pain and depression for over 3o years
gothic people to me is a way of exspressing there feelings inside of them has I started to wear gothic clothes but it don't mean I love the devil
I think gothic clothes are unique and don't think anyone should judge each other because the day you go to heaven god is the only one who will do this
express your feelings always speak up for yourself don't judge one another live your life like each day is the end but the main thing be true to yourselfs
we are all being tested by are faith at the end of the day its your decison what direction you want to go when you die just hope from my heart its the right one
take care of yourselfs xxx
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Umm I got a friend she aint gothic but she is scene and its between gothic and emo and she does believe in god!!!
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Yes come from a gothic Peron some gothic people believe in a lord but other may not it is there chose nothing is wrong with be gothic
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I think that Gothic doesn't mean that they don't like god .they do like god.they put black clothes to explain their feeling, Gothic people are people which express their feeling,I mean they have many problem which no one can help them such as they were rape,problem with family etc...but there are Gothic which don't like god,they like to do black magic,they like to kill etc.....Not all Gothic is naughty
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I have never met a Goth but there are different types of believing
there is belief as in I believe in computers. How could you not believe. They are real objects. Whether or not you like them is another matter.
Then there is the belief you practice. Just don't believe with you head, if you honestly and truly believe in something, do it! Act like you believe. Live like you believe.
If my child is sick, I will not sit home, twiddle my thumbs and say I believe in Drs and hospitals and medicine. I get up and Do something about it by taking her to the DR!
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No  gothic don't believe in god or any christianity stuff, they only believe in darkness, dark stuff,4 ex. SATAN. Since I'm  a hard core gothic I would know and I DO know
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I'm 100% Goth and personally I don't believe in God. This is not because of my lifestyle, more to do with my experiences as a child. I don't believe someone's appearance, or lifestyle affects their ability to believe or their ability to say I do not Believe.

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