If I Believe In GOD But Not Religion Am I Going To Hell?


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I'm not religious, but I believe that people should be able to follow their own beliefs.

You would not go to hell, because God could care less about you going to Church and paying MONEY to the church owners, which I believe is against God.

Just keep a relationship with God and follow a great path of spirituality, and you will do fine.
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Remember religion is made from man. Believing and trusting in God..Will not send you to hell.
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Absolutely Not! Believe in God but do not be afraid to not believe in religion if you wish not too. Religion is a man made organized business of recruiting those who do not naturally believe in God to believe in their set dogma, and then recruit others into the order.
Sort of like how Amway works. It serves itself to sell belief in the soap but the real product is recruitment of others to keep "selling the soap".
God does not manifest His glory in such ways. God loves us enough to give us free will. Free to believe what we want and believe in Him, if we want, in our own way. And not follow the mob if we don't want to.
Consider if you would, a man who was born alone and somehow through feral development became man without the influence of or contact with any other human. Would God love this person any less due to lack of sacrament, or deny him access to heaven when he dies do to him not "hearing the good word?" Not my God. In my opinion such a man would develop his own beliefs, and probably some connection with a God of some sort that he believes when he sees things like the sun, moon, and other natural wonders around him. This would be that man's own, personal religion. It is only in the midst of others, who form their own beliefs, and recruit others into that order, which cause those recruits to want to change more others to adapt and accept their dogma. In such ways religion is born, and sadly in many instances throughout recorded history, those who did not fall into the order were tortured, silenced and/or killed, not in the name of God, but in the name of religion. Not by God, but by mere men. The crusades, the inquisition, even 9/11 are all sad examples of the man-made sickness which can result from organized religion.
God is all around us. I believe in God. I see His hand in dozens of events in my life every day. I see His genius in the beauty and complexity of nature. And I believe the way to heaven is to be good to each other, love each other, and help each other. When we do God sees it and will reward us with everlasting life in heaven.
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I think not. I am not religious either but I do believe in a Creator who would be a God.
Where do we find a supreme being? Heaven? The Heavens?
The only explanation is that a being (of the supreme kind) came to earth and created man, in his own image, for one reason or another.
He has chosen to let man populate the planet in his own way. ( which we have done without thought to all other life forms)
We have messed it up, big time and I think we are in for a time where the creator must return to sort Earth out again. As I believe he has done on previous occasions.
Nothing anti christian about all that, is there?
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No, but even if you did, I wouldn't sureley not be because of that. You can not go to hell for the way you think and feel, and you arn't even thinking something bad and evil! God would surely not want you to change your views because right now that are looking great. But if you chanegd because you thought it was for the better of you and other people, go for it. Don't worry about doing to hell. Because when you worry your stressed and you get mad at people.  But when your not stressed you are happier and nicer to people. So do the world and favour and don't worry. P.s. I am 11.
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No as long as you belive in god that is all you need and he will bless you for believing in him I am sure of it because even if you sin if you confess to god he will forgive you and help you do the right things so enjoy your life on earth and I will see you in heaven.
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If I were you I wouldn't look for my answer on the internet or from people becasue they might be wrong.

If you believe in God then go directly to him and ask him.  He said that he is always there for us in every single way we know. Because he can use the universe in any way he wants to talk to us. He said that he was and is always talking to us, it's just we are the ones that don't listen.
Btw, don't think of God as some angry guy in the sky, he's not. :P ^^ =) Be happy. =D!
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I have faith in god but I don't really believe in organized religion. I don't think you'll go to hell because you're not Christian, not Jewish, not Muslim, or any other religion. I'm not trying to offend any Christians, but I have my doubts that Jesus saved us from all our sins. Of course I recognize that he was a very strong leader and a very great person. Here's my personal belief: Everybody is the same no matter what. Your actions on Earth will determine whether or not you go to heaven. Not by how many times you go to church, pray, or go to confession Anybody can call themselves "religious" but still do evil in this world. On the other hand, just because somebody doesn't believe in God doesn't make them a bad person. I've had an atheist great uncle who actually helped out the poor the most. I honestly don't think that God will see you as a big sinner for getting drunk sometimes or having sex before marriage. Of course you shouldn't be getting wasted all the time or sleeping around with everybody, but there's nothing wrong in doing it in moderation. Being a good person and helping other people in need is what matters the most. I believe in purgatory where if you're not good enough to go straight to heaven, but not evil enough to go to hell, it is like hell for a while and then you go to heaven. P.S. I am a 19 year old college boy.
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I agree with the statement Gandhi made "God has no religion." I agree, I reckon he understands all of us. Over centuries people developed diffrent ways to please "God." I think that is how religion was made, but the way to heaven (in my opinion) is too be good. Love one another. No doubt this planet has a creator, it is too sophisticated to be simply evo luted. You just need to find who you believe the creator is. For me it is God.
God bless and I hope you find your answer.
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If there was no god man would find need to create one....

You can't just go around believing in man alone you have to have something that allows your faith to pull you through tough situations.
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No. As my parents said even tho I don't believe god made man, I do believe we evolved from a creation of "god." I do believe he exists. "As long as you know he exists you wont go to hell."
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Religion is a self interest of the HUMANITY. I believe that doing good deeds for the common good of us let you save from the fire! SERVING PEOPLE IS SERVING TO GOD!
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You will go where ever you believe you should. I will be simply dead. No heaven or hell. Just dead, I'm excited to find out what it is like! It will be fantastic! Don't spend time worrying about what might happen, unless you want to, you can obviously do what you want. I just think you shouldn't worry about it is all :)
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Maybe, Maybe Maybe's are all we can really say. But we are conscious and feeling beings, so there must be something! But really, why would our ever-loving God banish us to hell? Maybe when I die I will come back as a different person, to learn some rule in life, maybe we are here once. Don't worry, be happy, and do what you know is right. There is no better answer then what you logically reason out, and whatever direction you befall, there is always something there...Only God knows!!!
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Don't let Books that were written by men distort what you think "GOD" could really be and what its purpose truly is.  Heaven and Hell is like Freedom and Prison.  All meant for Fear and Control.  Some Scientist on the "Fringe" side are seeing that we are way more magical that just flesh, bone and a brain.  Look at Hyper-dimensional Physics and Science of Consciousness.  These things helped me maybe they could help you.  Just have an open mind and don't be afraid to keep looking for answers
Like everything else ive notice on Earth
Way to the Left, Way to the Right, Truth is in the Middle
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As long as you know Jesus Christ for yourself, read your bible and pray daily. God will take that all as good. Religion is man made. Just have faith in God and believed in him.
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ISLAM means submitting to the one god. Thats all it is. It is just branded as a religion.
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No. I believe that if you believe that god exists and you are a truly good person at heart then there would be no reason to be sent to hell. Mind you, I've been both a religious person and an Atheist, so you might not want to take my opinion, but it wouldn't make much sense to be punished for not completely believing everything to a religion.
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It really depends on your view of hell and your criteria of who goes there.  Many religions will have you believe that they hold the only way to escape hell in an attempt to sucker you into following them.  Personally I doubt hell exists, since you cannot go to a place which does not exist it seems nonsensical to say you will.  Good job on knowing the distinction between belief in god and religion by the way.
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No reason why you should if you live a moral life. Of course, that's not what the priests and shamans will tell you...
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Not necessarily. If you do bad things or sin, then you could possibly go to Hell. I say possibly because I don't know who made Hell or what it's like or almost anything. I hope this helps
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It is not about Religion  it is about the one the true God  the Great I AM  accepting Jesus Christ as your savor  it is about a relationship with Him

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