What Are Recurring Dreams And Why Do We Have Them?


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Recurring dreams are essentially persistent messages from your subconscious. Just as a child will whine and insistently ask for what it wants you to know, especially if you try to ignore it, so will your dreams keep appearing if you refuse to recognise and handle the important message. It's a given that recurring dream messages are valuable or else they wouldn't keep coming.

As with all dreams, the symbology may not be clear and it could take a long time, even years, to decipher the meaning. Unfortunately, the subconscious will not let up until you do or until the problem/issue spontaneously corrects itself.

So, how do we firstly understand and secondly, deal with recurring messages?
If it's very obscure and you can't see what relevance it could have in your life, think laterally, explore the symbols and apply them to any situation in your life at present that you're not happy about. You'll start to make connections if you think about it calmly and as objectively as possible.
Many of the letters I receive from readers pertain to recurring dreams so perhaps they are the most intriguing of all.
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Ive been having this dream for a year now...only every once in a while though. The first one was me and my friends or supposed friends were riding in a car...I guess for some reason or another we went to this house...the guys tried to hold us there....they tied us up and threatened to kill us....I guess one of us called the cops b/c one came. Well the guys killed him! As soon as he got out of his cop car....then I woke up...then last night I dreamt about these guys again....but it was a different senierio...I was driving and pulled off into this driveway to change clothes....I guess I didn't  recongnize what drive way...As I was changing the 2 got in the back seat of my car....made me drive up the drive way to the house....as I drove up I seen that same cop car that was in my last deam....they got me out of my car...then I guess it seemed like they knocked my out b/c in my dream I fell asleep....when I woke up I was running from them...I was going towards a house and I was screaming for help but it didn't seem like it was loud enough or that I couldn't get it out....I could see ppl on there porch...even though this was like middle of the night....but I guess I got knocked out again or fell asleep cause the next thing I know I'm in their dining room eating dinner....there is a girl sitting infront of me...she's one of them too....they get me up and walk me through the house...I see toys everywhere...its very dirty...there are 2 small hands on the ground...real or not I don't know...they looked it....like baby hands....next thing I know I'm in a bed and I've woken up...I get up and as I pass the door way there is a bathroom...one of the guys is standing there....and for a min he looks like my boyfriend....so I'm scared so I shrink back in the bedroom, get in bed and make like I'm sleeping...then I wake up for real...this dream really disturbes me cause I have no idea what its supposed to mean....ive had  reaccuring ones but never ones that I finish or add on the the dream.....can you tell me what it means?

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