What Is Jesus Christ's Surname?


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'Ben Yoseph' would be his surname. So his full name is Yahshua Ben Yoseph. 'Ha Meshiah' states that he is the Messiah which is what Christ refers to.
Back then surnames weren't like they are today. You would know who someone was by their first name and if it needed to be clarified more, you would then say that they are the son of so and so. That is what 'Ben Yoseph' means - 'son of Joseph'.
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Jesus real name was Yeshua Bin Yossef. "Bin" means "Son".
Yeshua bin Yossef means Jesus son of Joseph.
Some people also called him Jesus of Nazareth.
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I think He is only Jesus Christ without surname, His father (on earth) was Joseph & Mary the mother , only. Actually He is the son of God.

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