Has Anyone Seen Jesus Christ?


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Jesus said that if you've seen the effect of Him in someone's life--that is, if you've seen someone who has Him in their heart act upon His presence--then you've seen Him.  In God's perspective, it is more important to see who Christ is through actions, than to see what His incarnate appearance was.  We can see who Christ is through the living out of His love and standards for life.

So, when you see someone who truly believes in Christ living out their faith, you've seen Christ.  Not in the physical form, but, in a sense, who Christ is and how He wants all people to live.

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Awww thanks for your answer i loved your answer the most!
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It was night time, everything was dark, including my room, and I was crying by myself all alone. Then suddenly, I felt a wave of electricity flow through my left and right hand. I fell on to my bed and closed my eyes to pray more. And with my eyes closed the whole room lit up as if the sun had risen, and I saw Jesus hovering over a white cloud, with his right hand raised in the air. Jesus is real and, yes, Jesus is God.
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The best answer by far, Anoymous.
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I have "seen" or had  few "visions" of Jesus, since 1979.   He is about 5' 10" or 5' 11" tall, and of slender build.   He is fine featured.  His hair is slightly auburn, and  very shiny.  His hair is fine.  It is slightly wavy.  His skin is flawless.  Absolutely perfect complexion.  His cheekbones are high.  His nose is straight.  His lips are slightly thin.  His eyes seem maybe a grayish blue.  They sparkle.  His eyes show an emotion I have not seen in any other human.  His eyes show an awesome "unconditional" love.  He loves all man.  He radiates with love.  His robe is white, with a cord tied loosely about His waist.  The cord is not as white as the robe.
I am sure there are others who have "seen" Jesus too, but it is difficult to divulge to the world, as there are so many scoffers.
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If your only mocking Jesus he wont' appear to you. I have a close relationship with God and his son Jesus. I have seen Jesus several times. The first time I saw him I was having trouble with my heart. I saw the Lord but was not allowed to face him because I was not holy enough, nor did I deserve at this time to see him. I quickly fell on my knees and then on my face and began to confess things and question whether I had done certain things. He was at first a very powerful light and the closer he came next to me, the bigger he became. He asked me what hast thou done that I should let thee into my kingdom. And I was embarrassed because I did not have an answer. His presence was majestic, powerful, beautiful, warm, but he spoke firmly and his voice was deep. At this time I was just working and partying. He sent me back to my body and as a result I got married, had three beautiful children and gave to charities and watched over children. So he's not a joke. He's not a figment of your imagination. He is absolutely real. If you are not saved that does not excuse the fact that you will meet him. YOu will meet him and you will fall to your knees like I did. I met him several times after that. I had high blood pressure and had my son and I was going to die on the hospital bed. I went through the clouds quickly, and the Lord sat far away on his throne. There were steps leading to his throne. Each step had two angels saying, "holy, holy, holy is the Lord our God..." I told him, "my lord I am not ready to come, I just had my son and I have to make sure that he is raised right". He allowed me once again to live and take care of my family. Anyway...too many stories to tell. I can't wait to come home to my Lord. Heaven is a beautiful place. I have been there. And Jesus has a warning for everyone. Hell is real. You will feel it. He came so that we would not spend our eternity there. Once you are in hell there is no hope. Please accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. It doesn't matter how much you've sinned. His blood washes all of our  sins away. What hurts him the most is that we never repent to him, we never tell him how sorry we are for what we've done. Everyday I pray and I repent. God Bless you all...
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I seen Jesus Christ in the physical, side on (wearn the gown & cape- hood thing that sits on top of hair)
we were being stiky beaks n the church when I was a young fella, stumbled into this back room was kinda dark n creepy when we opend the door you no who was sitting side on in a chair..No shit we all screamed like drew barrymore on e.t when she opens the closet (my sister her two mates) nearly shit ourselves I can stil feel my heart skip a beat then race dwn the passage try not to be left behind freaking out. True story. I am 28 now and now have a relationship with the lord, evrything that was shit for me has diminished evrything flows effortlesly wonderful and fall into place since iv accepted the spirit into my life.
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Oh wow!!!! All these testimonies of seeing Jesus in a vision, a dream or  in the physical encourage me SO much! I think it's Awesome that God does that. He knows people's heart and will give to them what they need to be shown the Truth of Him. He is just waiting for us to ask.

First I must say that I was born into a Christian  home, as my father was a pastor, but God still showed me His truth in the way that I needed it. He can do that for everyone, if they ask Him. Because He is not forceful, He gives us a choice.  I myself have also seen Jesus in the ressurrected body, in a vision and in the physical. It was at a conference  where thousands, of college age students at the time all met together for a single purpose, to glorify and praise  the Lord, God Almighty Maker of Heaven and earth. At a OneDay Conference in Texas. We were all camping outside and after an intense time of worship  as a HUGE group, we went back to our sections of our campsites and went to sleep for the next day. (if was actually more than a one day conference), it was during Memorial Day weekend in 2003.

I was just about to go to sleep and I prayed (as I always do before I "hit the hay", and I remember thinking that Jesus was going to come back for His Bride (the church) then, so I prayed that  he would, but that God would do whatever it was He wanted and show me whatever He wanted to show me. To make a long absolutly true story short, that night I saw 2 demons, 7-10 angels all walking in a straight line, (what I heard opening and closing the tents, with the verse "Angels encamp around those who fear (obey) Him" coming to mind. & in a 24 hour Bible reading tend I saw Moses with his staff and with white hair, Mary, Mary Magdelene, another demon and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Himself.
In that tent I was shown  that the spiritual realm is VERY real . This was shown to me by whenever Jesus was in the tent, the atmosphere and everything around the outside of the tent because VERY peaceful and when the demon was in there, the atmosphere became so unsteady, literally having quicksand ( quick mud for us) under our feet as well as these bugs crawling everywhere. Every time the demon would be in there it would be downpouring raining with a very severe thunderstorm outside the tent. & every time Jesus came in, after the demon disappeared the rain would stop, yes He calmed the storm and everything was peaceful again.

By the way, I must say that EVERYTIME Jesus came in, the ties on the inside of the tent were secure and tied in bows. Jesus went through the tent! I promise you this is not a joke. He looked at me and smiled and he said through my mind (of course, God is Jesus and Jesus is God) (refer to the verse where it says I and my Father are One, John 10:30) God knows our thoughts and He knows everything that everyone needs to be shown His truth. We just have to truthfully with a sincere heart ask Him to. & through my mind He said "I Love you!" with such love in His eyes. He also said to me through my mind "Look down at my feet and my hands!" I said through my mind back "No, it's okay, I believe." I My heart StIlL skips a beat at that!  I would not lie about this. God as my witness. I love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (the Trinity 3 in one) with my whole heart.  He is my everything and I totally believe Yvette and everyone else on here who has seen Him, whether in a dream, vision, or physically. God is a gracious and gentle, He is not forceful, that's why He waits for us longingly to come back to Him, giving  us a choice of where we want to go.

I also saw  prophets from the old testement. I don't know which ones they were, but there were 5 of them and I know they were prophets, because the Holy Spirit told me and they wore the traditional Bible clothes. This was after I got out of the Bible reading tent mentioned in the paragraph just above I walked around outside until I got to a building, because it was poring down rain again. I saw them in that building. I even tried seeing IF it was my imagination by closing my eyes and opening them again a few times and they were still there sitting on physical chairs in a circle talking,  looking at me some smiling and some just looking compassionatly intently at me. I wanted to go talk to them, by my shyness at the time got the best of me. :)

I have ALSO seen Jesus in a vision on the throne and I have talked to an angel in a dream, this angel was very wise & answered a lot of my questions. Which I do not remember right now, I believe because my questions were answered and they are not in my spirit anymore to wonder about.  God is Good, Just and Loving. If he would not be just, there would NOT be a hell in the first place to punish for sins, which He gave His Son Jesus to die on the cross for everyone in the world (John 3:14-21) and to rise again, letting everyone know that He conqured the grave. He is just waiting for us to accept His free gift of Jesus as the atonment of our sins by Jesus' blood and to grow in our relationship with Him, striving to live Holy lives to be a witness for Him. Hebrews 12:14

(Look up the ressurection in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke in the Bible)  Death could NOT stop him. Jesus IS alive. HALLELUIA!!!! Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God ALMIGHTY!!!  Jesus WILL come again for ALL to see!!! BLESSED is he or she who has not seen and yet still believe.  Blessings in Him.  ~Amy Irene (Beloved Peace)
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I was driving to work and I was at a red light . I looked down at the clock and it was
8:30 am.  Suddenly through my windshield a pure white light blinded me.  In the light,
I saw the face of jesus Christ , just his head, I saw the thorns on his head, and the blood
comming down his face from them. He also had a beard. He said nothing , but I knew
who he was. Also the light burned my eyes a little and they still burn  a little today.That
day did change my life.
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Indeed He is coming. As you're saying, sooner than we expected. You see, what happen on earth today, the earthquake, violences and floods are just the beginning of birth pains. He will come again with the Holy Spirits and Fire. It is written in the Bible and has been stated clearly.
Sometimes we only saw him in a manner of dreams or visions, but that doesn't mean that this are lies. He has been warning us and asking us to repent and to be born again but did we?
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I've seen Christ in a vision.  He looked like me.  Just as he's described in revelation.  I was walking he water like I was Peter.  All of a sudden something grabbed me and started to pull me into the water trying to drown me.  I cried out for help but no one was around, until I seen Him walking the water from a distance.  I  called His name and came over to where these demons was pulling me in.  He stood right over the area to where I was at, held out His hand and told me to have faith, I reached out and grabbed His hand and stood on the water with Him.  But in all reality I was face down in my pillow suffocating myself while sleep.  So, when I grabbed his hand and walked the water with Him my body had ceased to stop breathing and struggling for air.  In retrospect I was dead for who knows how long and then I woke up, rose out of my pillow taking that one big gasp of air into my lungs.  When I woke up I realized that I've seen the Lord God.  I'm a black man so know one knows really what Christ looks like And why should it matter cause he's the Lord God of Love.  Love does not have a color.  Anyway he says don't create an image of any form of anything from the heavens, the earth, or sea below.  So stop trying to create an image form of Him and just love the Lord God for who He is
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I have seen our Lord Christ Jesus.  He is a man.  He is Light.  And, indeed, He is God.  The Bible is very true.  I have seen into Heaven.  And I have been taken to Heaven.  The ministers and deacons at Ardmore Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, have been given evidence of some of the things I have shared with them.  Our Lord has revealed to them the authenticity of his revelations to us.  Have your hope in Jesus.  Believe in Him.  Your eternal life is dependent on the decision you choose.  And life now is indeed completely dependent on Him.  Allow your faith to grow, no matter your life circumstances.  Christ Jesus has overcome the world.  He loves us.  We are going to live forever.  I have floated between two angels in Heaven, I have seen the right hand of Our Father, I have seen the Holy Spirit, I have seen the Bride.  I have seen a supernatural vision of a cross.  The bones in my body "know" his voice.  The dreams that are different, many of them, always about God.  I have experienced the one true God:  I AM Who I AM.  Every knee will bend and every tongue will confess, everyone is going to speak and know: That Jesus Christ is Lord.  He is Holy.  You do not want to die without Jesus.  Yield your life to Him.  He will accept you.  He knows you.  He hears all of us and knows everything.  Indeed, He knows why I am writing this right now.  I share with everyone, what I have been given.  I am the sinner, saved by the sacrifice of my Blessed Saviour, The Holy One of Israel.  David.
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I have seen Jesus Christ in a dream.  He was a Nazarite and if you choose to study the history of Nazarites, they commonly had blue eyes and light skin.  Jesus was Jewish.  Not all Jewish people have dark skin and dark eyes.  I saw Jesus Christ in a dream and I have been blessed to hear His voice !

On March 17, 2006 Jesus Christ told me audibly that "I am coming sooner than you expect".  You don't have to tell me or Jesus, that "no one knows the day or the hour of His return" but we are commanded to know the season.  I believe that Jesus told me that He is coming sooner than we expect, because He knew that I would warn others - repent, be born again, ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior and you will be born again and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven - John 3:3.

When I was blessed to see Jesus in a dream, I saw Him with bright bright blue eyes, med/dark brown hair, straight, with a slight curl around where His ear is.  He has a larger nose and a short cropped beard and mustache.  I too, ASSUMED that He would be darker skinned and dark eyes...that He had been whitened for a racist society, but I was wrong.  I am not a racist, raised in a mixed family in the 70's.

You can call me a liar if you wish, or make light of what this message is, but you call Jesus a liar because He is the One that came in Spirit, gave me scripture, and told me that He is coming sooner than we expect.  Jesus said He would have none perish.  This is not religion, this is relationship.  Please choose Jesus Christ and say no to sin.  If Jesus was fully man and fully God, tempted in all ways, but He CHOSE not to sin, you too can be born again and choose.  I don't say that we won't ever sin, because sadly, we choose to - but we can repent and ask for forgiveness.  My heart is one that wants to emanate Jesus in all ways, love like Him, and not sin, because of my love for Him. Jesus wants none to perish.  Be born again, read your bible so you have the "sword of the Spirit" - the Word of God!!  So many lies have perpetuated the church and world that you MUST know the Word of God so that you can stand.  Read the book of Ephesians, Chapter 6 verses 10 thru 18!!!  And again, most importantly - CHOOSE JESUS AND BE BORN AGAIN!!!!!

Evangelist kari b.
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Many people who lived in his era has seen him and is been touched by him. Some liked him some didn't. Some made friends with him some became his enemies. Some loved him, some wanted to kill him. Both groups have testified of him so of course there are people who have seen him
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No not yet.we wondering about that same thing.. Have you?
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Heck NO! I WISH ! I have felt him though its breathtaking... But i have felt the devil and it sucks so bad i couldn't stop crying afterwards ewww most horrible thing I've ever felt in my life, seriously.
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You just need to resite the lords prayer when your felling like this.
And the devil will flea.. It works. Take care.
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The devil will turn into the bassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers?
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I saw him a few weeks ago. 

I fell asleep while driving and had a collision with a tree.

I ended up with a broke arm. After colliding with the tree, the airbag shot out and knocked me out. 

I don't recall exactly what was going on right before impact but I know that when I opened my eyes for something like 3 secs. 

In that time, the Son of God, my Lord and Savior was sat plainly in the passenger seat for all to see. He didn't say anything, he just smiled at me warmly. 

When I was assisted out of the vehicle by the paramedics hey asked "Was someone else in the car with me?" and I said no. They then claimed they had witnesses that someone was seen getting out of the vehicle.

So I testify that Jesus is real!

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I have seen Jesus in a dream , and He has blue green eyes and reddish brown hair.  I believe many have seen Him throughout history, and that is why so many pictures paint him similar.  Blue eyes isn't common in Jews, but intermarriage of a tribe over 2000 years could make a more dominate coloring.
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I saw Jesus at around 5:45pm today when I went to Mass.  Jesus is really, physically in the Eucharist at every Mass, so I see Him when I go.  I love going to see Him. I try to do it everyday.  Sometimes I'll stay after Mass and just pray with Him while He's in the tabernacle.  So legit.
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My friend kind of looks like Jesus. But more like a ginger-Jesus.
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And hey, everybody already knows that Jesus was white, why not just make him the whitest of the white boys?
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Powder? Hey, he had magic powers in that movie! Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
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Jesus was a Jew so that would mean that all Jews in general are white?

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