Is God Fake?


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There is no god. Plain and simple. The idea of a god is extremely falsifiable. There is simply no evidence to support the idea of a god, but there are quite a lot of statements and a lot of information against the existance of a god.
First of all, why don't your prayers get answered? You'd think that if there was a god, you'd get what you pray for, because apparently the Christian god is extremely kind and loving. So, wouldn't said god want happiness for his creations?
Second of all, you know the Bible? Yeah, it's just a book. None of it ever happened. The person who wrote it was obviously lying, becaus all of the feats performed in said Bible are physically impossible. And those of you who say they couldn't have lied because it's the bible, YES, THEY CAN STILL LIE. IT'S JUST A FLIPPING BOOK!
And as for things that don't make any sense, well, I'll give an example. Well, as you know, the Bible says that homosexuality is evil and homosexuals will be sent to "hell." (There's no hell or heaven either) And yet, pedophilia, rape, and slavery are all allowed, and we, as humans, reject these and state they are wrong. So, what's the deal.
I hope all of you find this helpful.
                                                                                                -Paul-Paul. 15 years.
                                                                                (Oh, and yes, that's just my internet name.)
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Not exactly fake, but the idea of "god" is a man-made construct. Such a being clearly doesn not exist.
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NO!!! And you'll find out once your destination is done. You'll be judged from your life and, saved or not, it'll determine your last fate, Heaven or Hell! Please check this site out, it's very helpful!
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Maciej Jachtorowicz
The bible contains many contradictions. It is the product of man, not god. It is not a credible source in information. Although it does teach good moral values, some people, like you, take it too far.
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I use to believe until one day I thought, "what was I thinking." I came to realize that there is no proof at all of his existence. People tell me, "The bible is proof," but would you believe in an old book or in hard proof. If the Bible is true then so is Harry Potter.
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God (s) were and are created by human cultures to help people make sense of existence. There is no actual evidence of a deity. And gods come and go in human civilizations. For example, no one today believes in Zeus and Apollo. Yet, during the early Greek period, everyone was certain that they existed. All people today are atheists when it comes to gods of the past. Many today, hold on to believing one of the present day gods.
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Tom  Jackson
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I'd say the Abrahamic God has been around long enough to be considered a "god of the past."

And a whole bunch of people believe in Him.
John McCann
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"And a whole bunch of people believe in Him."

Argumentum ad Populum.
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God is fake!!!  People need to get it through there heads!!  I'm sick of hearing about wars that get started over something sooo stupid!!!  If he was real, why has no body seen him?  The bible is just like any other book, if the bible is real, so is Twilight!  Quit preaching about praying because you sound stupid, you are talking to nobody.  It's all fake!!
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Maciej Jachtorowicz
Stop ranting on something which you know little about, there is a possibility of god, albeit a small one. Keep an open mind, you are no better then the ones you are ranting about.
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No not at all what makes you think that ! GOD IS NOT FAKE HE IS REAL !!
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The idea of god was brought into existence by man as part of a way to explain much of what was unexplainable. Let me share my belief.

In order to understand my belief we have to start at Schroedinger's Cat. A cat is in a box, without looking at the cat or opening the box or observing the cat in any way, how can you tell that the cat is alive, or that it even exists? The answer is - you can't without observing the cat, it does not necessarily exists. It has a probability of existing. This happens to the world around us. Anything not being observed does not exist, it only has a very high probability of being there once you look at it. This observation must be done by a consciousness. We observe the world around us so it exists. But what about the billions of years before human consciousness? Something had to observe the universe in order to collapse the wave function into existing. This brings up the possibility of a being outside of our universe. Not necessarily a god mind you, but something that at one point looked at our universe and verified that it exists.

All of this is speculation based on the current understanding of quantum physics. If you would like to learn more, do some research and don't forget to CHECK YOUR SOURCES.
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God is real. You can believe whatever you want but God is real, very real, and there is proof.

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Watch or read "Case for Christ" by lee strobel

He struggled with the same questions you are! He is a Christian now but wasn't before looking into it. This book and movie based on the book is his biographical search for the answers you seek!
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No, He is very real, just look at the wonders of the earth that he created and you will realize He is very real. Take some time to spend in silence and in prayer, he will answer your heart and let you know He is always around.God Bless

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