If You Could Begin Your Life All Over Again, Would You Change Anything And Why?


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I would not have went into the military because, as a youngster i was more prone to respond to peer pressure, and that lifestyle of being in military at a young age i think is bad for most people. Its a lifestyle that can mold your life into something most would not imagine.
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This is a question that is difficult to answer. For me the answer would be yes, ~IF~ what I know now could be known to me throughout my life starting over, then the answer is yes, because I would make better choices.
I would not have married the person I married and my children would not have been abused and molested.
I would have been able to stop my dad from molesting my siblings and myself.
I would have made more serious attempts at getting to know family members who have died, ones that I did not know very well due to age and living distances.
The biggest one, would be that I would have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at a much younger age and saved myself and many others years of heartache from selfish choices I made and my life would have been a much different testimony of the Character of God.

But the truth is that we cannot change our lives backwards. We can only change our lives from this exact moment on and that is what we need to do. Recognize the importance of God in our lives, of the importance of family and honor and morality and social responsibility. That is something that we CAN and SHOULD do.

Our past, the choices we made and the repercussions of those choices has molded us into the people we now are. With what we know now, it is our responsibility and privilege to live our lives in such a way that honors the God who created us and to love our neighbors in the way they need to be loved. That is our purpose in life and the sole reason God created us to begin with. To love and honor Him and to love and honor one another.
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There's been so many things that Ive said I would have done different if I could do it over.. But in truth, I still would have married the same person, even knowing it was going to end in the nastiest divorce in history.... Because if I had NOT married him I wouldnt have my wonderful kids... And I wouldnt ever trade them. I still would have moved to Mississippi, even though my life has not taken the path exactly as I planned on... Because I wouldnt have met All the people Ive met here, and I wouldnt have attended the college that Im graduating from... And my major wouldnt have been the same. Also my kids wouldnt have taken the same paths if we wouldnt have moved here. There's a lot of little things we always say we would do different... Most of those things we could change now and get the results we desire.... But its the experiences that we would have missed out on... And those experiences are what made me ME. Like Garth Brooks sang... I could have missed the pain... But I'd have had to miss the dance.
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I would have to agree with Guest...everything happens for a reason. Why they happen, I just don't know. I believe karma has something to do with it. But I suppose that going through my life experiences have made me who I am today, and I wouldn't change anything about who I am today.
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If I could begin my life over again, I would take out all the hurt I have felt, but that would not work would it ? I think that we all need the hurt to make us in to the person that we are today. So the answer would have to be, no I would not change anything.
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Everyone gave such good answers. I'd have to say pretty much the same as the rest of them....I wish I could change some stupid decisions that I had made, but we all learn from our mistakes. We grow from them...At least we should learn fro them---some people keep repeating their mistakes.
We must all "Press On" and move forward and Upward, not to look back. Earth is like a school. We are all here to Learn...
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Yes to hopefully avoid my accident . Jim123
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No. Things happened the way they did to shape me into the person I am. And I'm pretty okay with ME.
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If changing the path I took would have meant I wouldn't have met the people I know not then no I wouldn't change anything.... But there are a few things I wish I hadn't done.....
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I would not wish to change a lot. Maybe not start smoking and looked after money better when times were good. But all in all, not too bad.
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I would change nothing at all I love my miserable life. It is what was dealt me in the Lords deck and I wouldn't want to do it any other way than His!p.s. Its not that miserable LOL.
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OH MY GOODNESS YES!!!!! God has taught me so many lessons and shown me my selfish ways. I was so angry inside when I left my parents home at 19 to get married to the man my father chose for me that I made everyone else miserable around me. Yes, I had every reason to be angry and I won't go into all of the reasons here. Suffice it to say that my father did a good job of killing me inside.
However, the poor man I married walked into something that he had nothing to do with and I made him suffer. He loved me and gave me a good life and two beautiful children. I was never happy.
As I know GODS word now, I would have loved my husband back. Love is a choice not a feeling. I would have done what was right for my children and given them a solid home with a father that loved them. I would have forgiven my parents sooner. I would have given my life to GOD sooner.

Having BP was difficult enough for my children. They hated what it did to me. But I left their father after 11 years to be the teenager I had never been. It destroyed all of us. I have lost my children.

Oh my goodness I destoyed so much of myself by being selfish and angry.

Everyone says that we would not be who we are if it were not for what we have endured or if not for the choices we have made. But what about what others could have or would have been if our choices were different? Can we really accept that as "what was to be"? I say NO. I say that the choices we make sometimes are very similar to the alcoholic or the drug abuser...it is about ourselves and we are not thinking about how it ripples down to others in our family group. Choices are just that. If we turned left instead of right couldn't we have made it better for someone else?

Just something to think about, and certainly not a judgement on anyone else but myself. V
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As much as I regret my mistakes, they have made me who I am. Do I recommend having a child at 16? Not at all. But I would do it again a thousand times over because I cannot imagine the world without my oldest daughter. It's like that movie "Back to the Future", if you change past events, the effects are far reaching. So as much as I would like to say I would change this or that, I really wouldn't. Then I wouldn't have ended up with the friends I have now, and with the wonderful kids that I have. It's fun to imagine what would have been. But I can't imagine life without what I already have even if some aspects of my life are a struggle.
Good question.
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I would have kept my mother alive longer, and my father would have been a good man. There's more, but don't feel like getting into that part, I would still have my children, but would know more about being a young mother. Lol I remember pulling my hair out many a time. Lol
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I too agree with your guests that our past does shape us it either makes or breaks us. However some of the things in our past didn't shape us well and we often made a lot of wrong choices and decisions that could have been better, with less reprocussions, Had I had been a more grounded Christian in those days having known then what I know now, thats what I would change. And I guess we all could say that! Hind sight Is always 20/20. Still Gods hand was in it all, His drawing power was faithful and the glory is all His!...Genaveve
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If i have a choice to go back in that pass. I would say hell no!!!! If i change anything i would not be here... Now i love my life...
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I'd say yes too. I would love to have been able to tell my best friend how I really felt about him, before I was married. I think my life would have changed dramatically. The old saying "the one that got away" is so true for me.
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my whole childhood, 99.9 of it was horriable......
always wished i knew what a normal childhood was like?!
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Sorry.I had a horrible childhood as well, though some parts were good. Unfortunately we will never know what "normal" was for us, but we do know what "normal" is and can make sure we provide that for our own children and others that come into our lives as well. Love means to give of yourself, sacrificially, to meet the needs of others. This means even if it costs you your time, money, prestige, or even your life are willing to sacrifice to make sure that others are loved, healthy and successful.

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