Can Vampires Have Sex?


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If its based on twilight.. Since i don't really think that vampires exist, not sure about it.. But based on twilight.. They do.. And have that high sexual drive.. Emmet and rosalie.. Edward and bella was having a hard time since she was still human then.. But when she converted.. They did one hell of a time..! =P so yeah.. They do..
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Umm she never converted
tinga nih
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Finish the book darling.. Bella almost die when she gave birth and so edward had no choice but to bite her.. And so she end up as a vampire too.. BREAKING DAWN..
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I would have to say no. Vampires are supposed to be undead, so from a biological perspective the heart is not pumping and the normal sexual functions aren't functioning.
You could argue however that by some magical means they may be able to. I think those who like vampire stories would like to believe that they can because it adds to the fantasy of the story. To me it makes more sense that werewolves would have a higher sex drive, because they can smell the pheromones and that would make them more aggressive as sexual beings.
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In some stories vampires can have sex, and in some they cannot. I
believe that they can, what would the purpose of the stories where
vampires find their soulmates be if they could not. Also, when a
vampire bites during sex it is supposed to be the most climaxing
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I would think that they can. I don't see why not.
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If they couldn't, what would the Anita Blake and Twilight series even be about? ...Although I suppose you could argue that that is exactly what Twilight is about... The lack of sex.
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Yea they can
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I would assume they get their pleasure from biting! I will have to ask my friend.
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YES! They have sex like everyone. They don't talk about it in books all the time but they do. Some vampires get pregnet and some don't. It depends what kind. But REAL vampires get pregnet like everyone. But when they are they act normal so the baby is ok.
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I don't think , they could have or even if they can have sex they can't have kids if you want to think as what Darren shan says in his book . But they are only he's thoughts maybe they reay can if they r really exist!
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Yes im a vampire im a day walker though been 14 for 5 years
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Rather i don't believe in vampires but if vampire exists i they can have sex but does not give birth to alive vampire child but give birth to a dead vampire.
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Yes they can. Every being can have it, otherwise how would they would have vanished from earth.
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Heck yeah my boyfriend says he's part vampire and his father is Count Dracula ! I thought he was crazy. We already had sex it didn't hurt too much I cried a little bit but I knew he was there for me. It was actually pretty nice were madly in love .
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I'd say yes...vampires do have sex...based on Twilight....Edward and Bella did...and it worked for them...Rosalie and Emmett....Carlisle and Esme...Jasper and yes, they can.
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Hi dear, yes I'm sure vampires can if humans are able to, as Dale said. So, I don't see why not. Best wishes, Djrdouble8
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Like yeah they can have sex. From what i can figure out from the twilight saga, they can have sex for days on end if no one stops them.

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