Can You Explain How Property Is Distributed According To Islamic Shariah?


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My mother has died few years ago,she left a property in her name which was purchased by my father., my family consist of my self,my father and three sisters.I would like to know according to Indian muslim personal law how much share will get every on.
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Can you please tell if there are 3 daughters and one son only then how will the properties be distributed. I mean what percentage of the total will the son and daughter will get
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My father has property worth 1 million....We are 2 brothers and 3 sisters..
What will be the share for each daughter????
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My father left property worth now 8corore.
We were 3 brother and 4 sister.
One of my brother died he has one widow and 2 daughter, after the death of my brother my sister in law was business partner with us.we were running the business for last 25 years, during this period we did not give any business profit to any of our sister, but we gave money to one sister to buy a flat which worth now 16 lack, and to another sister we established business for her 3 time and gave approx 8 lack during 1985-89, and has beeing helping her  financially time to time and also gave money for her daughter's marrage. Which runs to approx 20 lack or more in total.
And to other two sister we gave nothing till now.
Now we want to distribute the property which worth 8 co rore and we owe rore 60 lack to banks and other lenders.which we brother took and spend on business.
Can you please let me know how can we distribute this money and who should get how mush
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We are five sister and two brother's and mother, and my father had left property worth of 3 cr so who we had to distributed the adi property let me know
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My father have died, He left the property worth 5 million , so what we devide between my mother , myself and mine three sisters
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My mother has died few years ago,she left a property in her name which
was purchased by my father., my family consist of my self,two brothers ,my father and
five sisters.I would like to know according to Indian muslim personal
law how much share will get every on.
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An elderly woman died last year . She has two son and three daughter . Her husband and parents had died before him . She left a property of 30 decimal . How these property will be distributed among her children.
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We are eleven 4 brother & 7 sister. I have three questions:-

1. I bought share of one of my brother and now the value of the property has gone up and so is the value of share, he is asking for more money, is he admissible for it?

2. As my eldest brother took 20,000 from my mother as part of his share, what will be the share of distribution as my mother has expired and now the property is being sold to give everyone their share?

3. All my brother left my mother alone and we sister were taking care of her and most of the items for house use were given mainly by me and some by my other sisters, now what will be the treatment of these things?

Please give us your answer so we can perform the distribution as per the property as per the guidance of Allah?

Your Sister
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If a man has some property valued $1million.he has two sons and two son has 3 sons and another has 3 daughter and 1 adopted daughter.what will be the property share of the man's two sons?
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When every a person dies his property is distributed amongst his family.The laws of inheritance are different for sunni and shia. Under both of these sects first the quranic shares are given to father, grandfather, husband, wife, mother and daughter. There is no quranic share for the son. The son always gets twice that of the daughter. So the ratio is 2:1. Under sunni law the male descendants or ascendants are given preference .

This means that if the propositus dies leaving behind a daughter and a brother, the daughter would receive her quranic share and the rest of it would got to the brother. In shia law however there is a class system. The people in the first class override those in the second class. The daughter is in the first class and the brother in the second class. So in the same situation the daughter would take everything overriding her uncle.

Therefore under the shia sect the male is not given preference. Even the daughter's daughter would outweigh the brother of the deceased. This is the basic difference of how the property is distributed under the two sects.
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Different countries of the world have different means and methods for the distribution of property among the inherited persons but Islam being the best religion of the world gives proper rules and regulations for this purpose. You have questioned that can you explain how property is distributed according to Islamic shariah can be explained in the following manner.

Islam through its great book Quran and Sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) have clearly narrated the laws and rules of distribution of property among the inherited people. According to Islam male members means sons get double share as compared to girls while father gets 1/10 of the property and mother gets 1/8 of the property. Specific reasons are there for this distribution system and there is great wisdom hidden in it for the people who understand it. Though other religions may conflict to this system but in my opinion this is the best distribution system of property in the world. This system has deep benefits for the mankind and it can be regulated very easily in our daily life routine.
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According to Islamic Shariah first Creditors are paid. Then the remaining property distributed as for every son of the deceased 2:1 for every daughter 1:1 four the widow 8:1.
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Asslam walaikum
my father has expired left my mother five brother and two sisters among one brother expired left widow and a father had a house near about 4.5 gunta,overwhich house is constructed now say what will be the portion of each heirs
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As the father expired how to distribute property among mother two sons and five daughters according to shariyat and what will be share of each one

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