Is Kissing Haram In Islam?


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Haram, also known as Haraam, is the Arabic term for "legally forbidden" and/or "unlawful". It is used in Islam to specify anything that is prohibited by the religion and its texts (Qur'an).
Haram can be applied to many acts considered forbidden by the faith. The most commonly applied are to do with the Islamic laws on which foods are permissible to eat and which are not. Other facets of life, in which Haram might be applied, include adultery, homosexuality, certain objects and alcohol.
The Antonym of the term Haram is Halal, meaning lawful. Within Islam the term is used to describe acts that are permissible by the religion. Most acts, objects, etc can be described as either Haram or Halal, however there are some that are considered questionable. These are referred to using the term Mashbooh.
Kissing is generally Haram or Halal depending upon the intention of the kiss, the relationship between the two involved and the type of kiss. Between a married male and female, kissing is permitted (including kissing on the lips), however it should be done in private and only with the wife's permission. Kissing in public is considered Haram by the Islamic faith. If the husband were to attempt to kiss his wife where its possible that others may see it is the wife's duty to instruct against it.
Kissing between close relations, such as a female and her father, brother, grandfather, uncle, etc is considered Halal, however this does not include kissing on the lips. Kissing or touching between cousins, or sisters after a certain age, is not allowed by the religion. Kissing or touching between non-relatives is also considered Haram.
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In islam it is not permitted to kiss gairullah (Other than allah -almighty) but it exact not mean that it should kiss at all in our life time. We can kiss our childrens (which is one of the sunnat), we can kiss our wife (which is also a sunnat) but with her permission, so here the niyyat (intention) plays a very major role. It is clearly told that we can't even touch our own sister (after certain age of growth) so it is clearly understood that kissing somebody or anybody with wrong niyyat (intention) is 100% haram and islam never allows it. This is both applicable for male and female.
But still Allah the almighty knows better.
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If you are kissing a guy/girl without being married to that person yes it is haram, Allah didn't state it that it was haram, but he said that guys and girls are not to look at each other and are not to shake hands with each other, even if they are cousins, so that sort of lies under the categories.
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Sex is only allowed with your life partner (with whom you are married). Except this, it would be illegal and hence would be a sin (It is in Islam). I think all other religion also have the same.
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If you are kissing a guy/girl without being married to that person yes it is haram
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It can be easily derived from the quran and the sunnah that it is not permitted in Islam. But never forget, Allah is Oft Forgiving and Most merciful. So if you kissed someone, repent and ask for forgiveness. Peace be with you.
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No its not allowed to kiss anyone unless your married and on this point of men and women the prophet pbuh said you shouldnt look at or glance a woman 2nd time
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Peace :)
Please allow me to reply to your important question and say that kissing is indicated in Islam in case you kiss your wife and of course your mother , sister , aunt , grandmother , grandfather and your daughter .
While any other woman , You mustn't kiss or even touch her .
Thank you so much.
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In islam you are allowed to touch a woman only after marriage. In islam even looking at matured  opposite sex is haram if he/she is not your close relation like mother, sister etc...
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I am  still confused so is it ok to kiss your husband  or wife if your married and is it ok to see people kiss in islam
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My maulana told me, maulana means a teacher who teaches quraan. He told me that prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a lot of exceptions that we don't. My teacher also told me that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) also use to kiss Ayesha (RHA) in Ramadhan while he was fasting.That shocked me too but it's true. So kissing your wife is okay, but kissing a person you are not married to is considered haraam.
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I would think kissing and touching is haram in islam. I'm brought up in a religious household, I get to go out with friends, go to parties, and go out with friends. Although, my parents always made it a point to let me know that it is not okay to touch, kiss, and be with girls.
comments like the one above arent appreciated or useful to anyone. I understand that you want to get the message out, but there are a lot of curious muslim boys and girls out there that have questions that they may be too ashamed to ask in their own house holds. And when it comes to doing something bad, you should do it out of the love and respect for Allah swt, not fear.
The world is fine and so is asking questions
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I advise that you go and do your own research on this topic because half of these people don't know the difference between haram ( forbidden by allah ) and makrooh ( looked down upon but there is no punishment if committed ) try reading translations of the quran in english if you don't understand it in arabic, believe me it seems a lot more interesting when you understand it....but 1 thing you have to know is that the quran has been a guide on how to live your life and prosper in the afterlife and because the quran is soo very confusing and not 100% clear it has caused a lot of problems to the muslim world such as the division of sunnis and shi3ahs but I advise you try and understand it in your own way things like wearing hijab hasnt been very clear in the past you can even ask your mom if she wore a hijab when she was younger and she will tell you no1 did it has only recently that women started wearing it.
BTW I was raised up by my family to be a good muslim and have no complaint on how they brought me up but due to the environment I was exposed to I cannot calll myself a good muslim so I don't call myself 1 although I hope to be 1 in the future but I still read the quran because its like a spiritual guide to life that brings the factors of modest honesty and respect to your life.
But 1 tip : The worst thing you can possibly do as a muslim is to commit a sin, repent and ask forgiveness, then go and commit the sin again. This is y I don't call myself a muslim but like I said I hope that just before I get married ill repent and change my ways for good.
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But why r u waiting till u marry to repent bro , are u sure u'll not die the next moment .. Sorry for being harsh , but it's time to repent

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