Do you agree with burning the Qur'an or building a mosque near Ground Zero? Or Neither? Why?


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No I dont agree but not for reasons purposed here. The burning of the books not only insulted the muslim religion but is insulted our 1st Amendment rights to free speech and protest aginst something we, the American citizens believe is wrong, not against the Muslims per se. Same iwth the  ground zero mosque, the people dont want it there for obvious reasons so ok, move it and all will be happy as its insulting to the US. The Imam says its a center for world peace and all can come but many religions dont honor the same God here and forbid paying homage to another God whiich Musiims honor Allah I believe, so many cannot enter their Mosque any more that a Muslim can enter our churches and honor Allah, but they want it built on the same 1sr Amendment that is protesting them. So who is right here or does our Constitution really need updating as its too old now to cover modern challenges?  Muslim ws not a religion that was around when America was founded, so the Constitution didnt cover it and should therefore have limited privledges in this country as we all know our religions wouldnt nearly have any rights in a Muslim country as they do here. So America must stand here for seperation of church and state which didnt happen when Obama got into this or any other Government official and let America speak for itself. Our troops were a;ready put in harms way by the US sending them there so that was pointless and these other countries burning our Bible and flag in protest of this so who is right here, but Americ fall this weekend
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Don't really care about the burning of books - but I'm not a Muslim. Don't really care about building a mosque two blocks away and round a corner from Ground Zero. BTW, the original Ground Zero is Hiroshima, lest we forget...
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The original Term in relation to Hiroshima "Ground Zero" was coined earlier in the testing of bombs during the Manhattan Project in New Mexico 1n 1945..
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I don't believe that the Qur'an should be burned, but I believe in the freedom to do it. I also don't see why building a mosque near Ground Zero is such a big deal.

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