In The Bible, Who Was Pharaoh's Daughter? What Was Her Name?


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Her name is not know because it in never mentioned in the Bible.

Her father, probably Ramses II, decreed that it was necessary to kill all male children born to the Hebrews because the Hebrew population was growing very quickly. One day the pharaoh's daughter was bathing in the Nile River with her attendants when she noticed a basket floating in the water that had a three month old baby boy in it. She quickly realized that this baby was a Hebrew child and decided to raise him rather than allow him to be killed by her father. The baby's sister, Miriam, was standing nearby and offered to locate a Hebrew woman to suckle the child. The baby's mother, Jochebed, also conveniently close at hand, was summoned and hired as a nurse to care for the child. The pharaoh's daughter later named the baby Moses, and he grew up to become the greatest leader and teacher in the history of the Jews.

In many history books, pharaoh's daughter is referred to Thermusthis, Myrrina, and Mercis. However, in the Bible, she is only referred to as pharaoh's daughter and is never named.
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The name was never mentioned

Mosesis mother Jobbed put him in a basket and phaopha daughter saw it and saw that it had a baby in it.S he decided not to let it get killed but to raise.She later named the baby Moses.and his sister was named Miriam
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I was just curious on who the Pharaoh's daughter was!

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