Who Was Called The Wanderer In The Bible?


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Zigzag gets it wrong again - he never tires of this! Cain killed Abel out of jealousy because God looked more favourably upon the works of Abel, and God condemned him to wander the Earth forever, and to be unharmed by any man. Classic sibling rivalry, the less favoured child. Nothing to do with worshipping his own way, indeed Cain is mentioned only briefly in Genesis Chapter 4, before and after which there is no record of Cain.
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Cain is the man, In fact he hated and killed his brother . Why: It was the first false religion
abel sacrifice God accepted and Cain wanted to worship HIS OWN WAY. Sound like the day we are living in. Just an observation,I hope the religious folk who hated Jesus don't get toes step on
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No Cain killed Abel of Jealously because God accepted Abels Sacrificeor worship (religion)
and God rejected Cains Sacrifice or worship HIS RELIGIOUS efforts) You splitting hairs
like the relgious leaders who didnt like Jesus contemporary ways he did stuff snd that is the same as religious people today who cannot figure out prayer tongue and those who supposedly roll around floors, like people who say Jesus has been dead 2000,still

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