Can you turn into a werewolf or into a dragon?


5 Answers

Chucky Macdoodle Profile
Yea you can, there's a spell that will turn you into a dragon then fire can come out of you and fun stuff from that sort then you fly to china and prank people YAY -.-
Carson skinner Profile
Carson skinner answered
Yes and if u know 1 plz tell me!
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I can turn into an annoyed person, at the very question of if I can turn into anything other than a variation on a theme, that being human.
Te mar Profile
Te mar answered
Please, no sarcasm in your answers! Dragons- no. Werewolves- use a search engine and try your luck! (most are hoaxes if not all) I believe, but ANYBODY is willing to scam you! Remember that!

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