How can you find out if there is a ghost in your house?


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Christa Grace Profile
Christa Grace answered
#1, watch your dogs to see if they act weird or stare at nothingness. #2, Look up your houses history. #3, Listen for strange noises in your house Hope I helped
Bella Almeida Profile
Bella Almeida answered
If weird things are happening
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Have a seance performed or get a ouiji board and contact the ghost
Chin Yi Bing Profile
Chin Yi Bing answered
Note down unusual things that happened, or you can check the history of your house, example=who died there or what was the land used for before they built your house
justin smith Profile
justin smith answered
Impossible ghosts don't exist people just freak out for the slightest noises in their house. I think its just that new movie paranormal activity that is spooking everyone asking this same question

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